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November 23, 2020

What to Consider When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

When you are injured or ill and are contemplating filing for Social Security Disability Benefits the most important question to ask is “do I have enough medical evidence to support that I am disabled?”

Having your doctor’s visits lined up before you leave your job is very important. Money will become difficult and you will need medical opinions to win your claim. It would be important to get an idea early in the process which doctors are willing to support your claim. You should ask your physicians if they would be supportive of your filing disability due to the seriousness of your medical conditions alone. It is important to understand that disability is not an alternative to unemployment.

Many people do not realize that the failure to get treatment can damage your claim, even if your disabilities are apparent. Treat early and treat often, if your medical condition is bad enough to keep you from going to work, then it is bad enough for you to seek medical treatment. It is important to document your condition.

Follow reasonably prescribed treatment, Social Security law may penalize you or even deny you benefits if you fail to follow the treatment recommended by your doctors. When speaking with your doctor, explain your pain level and limitations in detail, keep a personal log and consult specialists when appropriate.

The Social Security Disability Attorneys of Monge & Associates are focused on guiding disabled individuals through the Social Security Administration’s red tape to obtain the benefits they deserve throughout the Southeast. Whether you are mentally or physically ill, or you have suffered a serious physical injury, we will explain your rights and help you protect them.