3 Reasons Why Distracted Driving Is a Factor in Many Kansas Car Accidents

Last year in Kansas, there were nearly 400 deaths from car-related accidents. So many of these are caused by distracted driving, yet this statewide problem is not talked about nearly enough. Discussing the dangers can lead to a wider understanding and awareness, and that is why the guide below exists. Why Is Distracted Driving…

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What Happens When a Crash Occurs in a Construction Zone?

Navigating through a construction zone can be challenging, even for the most seasoned drivers. When an accident occurs in such an environment, the complexities multiply, possibly involving various parties beyond just the drivers. It’s essential to contact a car accident attorney in Cincinnati to determine who may bear some measure of liability for your…

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How Long Does a Georgia Car Accident Case Take?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Georgia, you’re likely dealing with a range of emotions, medical issues, and financial stresses. A common question that arises is how long it will take to resolve a car accident claim. In these situations, you need a Atlanta car accident lawyer on your side who…

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Does Poor Vehicle Maintenance Cause Car Accidents in Nebraska?

The Nebraska Department of Transportation reports there are over 2.3 million cars on the state’s roads. It also states that there were over 29,000 accidents in the state in 2020, with about 10,000 leading to serious injuries and over 200 being fatal. Several factors lead to these accidents, some having to do with the…

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Why Speeding is a Factor in Many Chattanooga, Tennessee Auto Accidents

Speeding while operating a vehicle is a highly dangerous act. Despite there being legal road limits for every driver out there, so many people ignore them every single day. Speeding is a leading cause of auto accidents and deaths in the Chattanooga area. So, why is it so dangerous, and how do you move…

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Dog Bite

Which Dog Breeds Are Most Dangerous in Omaha, Nebraska?

Known as ‘man’s best friend’, a dog can be a welcome and loving addition to the home. They offer undying loyalty to their owner, companionship, and plenty of fun over the years. But not every dog breed is quite so happy-go-lucky, as some are known for being more dangerous than others. More often than…

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Car Hits Your Bicycle

Who’s At Fault If a Car Hits Your Bicycle in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Last year alone, nearly 100 people were seriously injured or died in bicycle related automobile incidents in Utah. These events are understandably traumatic, but who is really to blame when something like this takes place? The truth is, this must be figured out with a professional attorney by your side, and Monge & Associates…

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The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As bustling streets and traffic jams become a regular part of everyday life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, driver fatigue has emerged as an often hidden, yet very alarming risk. The weariness and reduced attention resulting from long drives or inadequate rest can lead to severe consequences on the road. Let’s explore the complexities of driver…

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Delivery Driver Hits Your Car

4 Steps to Take if an Amazon Delivery Driver Hits Your Car in Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia, a city known for its vibrant culture and scenic beauty, is also a bustling hub for e-commerce deliveries, with Amazon being a significant player. While the growing number of delivery vehicles on the road has undoubtedly brought convenience, it has also increased the potential for accidents involving these vehicles. This article aims…

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Teenage Drivers

Keeping Teenage Drivers Safe in Athens, Georgia

Many teens in Athens, Georgia, are excited to hit the road in their first car, but along with this important milestone in life comes safety concerns for parents and guardians. If your teenager has started driving, then it’s wise to be concerned. After all, there is a high rate of accidents among teenagers, and…

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