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Our team of experienced Atlanta, GA personal injury lawyers will immediately begin the work to build a strong case for the highest possible car accident settlement. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident then you definitely need to get legal help sooner rather than later. Definitely before giving a statement to an insurance company and be sure you get the followup care you need right away.
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A major service that our Georgia car accident attorneys offer is a legal review of your accident. After you provide the details of your accident, one of our attorneys will look into the ALL legal aspects and assess the damages involved. That can include everything from physical injuries, emotional harm, vehicle damage, or lost income and more. Our job is to also work to determine who was at fault for the accident, which is crucial in knowing who is financially responsible for the accident.

We’ll Handle & Explain All of the Legal Language

A car accident lawyer will also be in charge of reviewing the complicated legal language involved with settlements. They are trained in understanding the law and will be able to explain what you don’t understand.

We’ll Handle The Insurance Company

Usually, an accident attorney’s services will also extend to insurance claims, which can be just as difficult to understand. Your lawyer can handle communication with the insurance agency and protect your interests on the claim.

Help You Understand ALL of Your Damages

Your Monge & Associates Attorney will help you figure out what type(s) of compensation you may be entitled to. It’s easy to see some types of damages – any injuries you and your passengers may have sustained, the damage to your vehicle, or property damage. However, a Georgia car accident attorney can help you determine if there are other damages you may receive. If your injuries forced you to take time off work to recover, you may be able to get compensation for the wages you lost.

There is also a formula attorneys can use to calculate pain and suffering damages. Obviously, no amount of money will actually make up for suffering experienced, but it is at least some form of compensation. This formula usually involves multiplying damages by a number between one and five, depending on the severity of your injuries.

We’ll Fight Passionately to Get You The Maximum Settlement

In some cases, an insurance company will offer a settlement that doesn’t cover all of the damages you may be entitled to. An accident attorney will be able to negotiate with the company, protecting your interests and ensuring that the settlement is fair.

We’ll Represent You in Court

Although many accident cases are settled outside of court, in some cases the only option is a lawsuit. In that case, your Georgia car accident lawyer will be your advocate in the courtroom. They have years of training on how to act in a courtroom and how to navigate the legal system. We’ll make sure that you are accurately represented and fight for the biggest possible settlement.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Win

It’s normal to worry about how to pay for your lawyer. However, the car accident lawyers at Monge & Associates get paid by a contingency fee, which is a portion of the payout you  receive for winning your case. So, if we  don’t win your case, then we don’t get paid.


Types of Car Accidents in Georgia

The Importance of Legal Representation in Georgia Car Accident Cases

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Types of Car Accidents in Georgia

Car Accident Lawyer

There are different types of car accidents that greatly range in severity. In some cases there might be no injuries and little to no damage to vehicles. Others may result in in a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia.

Some types of collisions are more likely to happen at low speeds, while others are more likely to happen when drivers are traveling at highway or interstate speeds. Weather and road conditions can greatly increase the likelihood of an accident as well. Here are seven common types of car accidents:

Rear End Collisions

The majority of traffic accidents consist of rear-end collisions, where a driver hits the rear bumper of the car in front of them. This often happens because of distracted driving or failure to maintain a safe following distance. It can also happen due to failing brakes or poor road conditions, leading to the driver being unable to stop.

Many rear-end collisions happen at low speeds, because the driver at fault is attempting to stop before impact. However, a rear-end collision at higher speeds can cause severe injuries and damage.

Head-On Collision

A head-on collision involves a vehicle crashing into the front of another, hitting it “head on”. They often occur at high speeds and have severe consequences on both the vehicles and people involved. Many head-on collisions involve a driver heading the wrong way on a one-way street or a highway exit ramp. They also occur if a driver crosses over a median or into the lane of oncoming traffic.

Sideswipe Accident

An accident where a car brushes along the side of another vehicle is considered a sideswipe. They are usually caused by a driver drifting from their lane or failing to check blind spots before merging or changing lanes. Usually, a sideswipe is minor, but it can be severe, especially if a motorcycle is involved.

Side-Impact Crash

A side-impact crash, unlike a sideswipe, involves the front of one vehicle hitting the side of another. A common side-impact crash is a “T-bone” crash, where the cars meet at a 90 degree angle and form a “T”.

Side-impact crashes are often high-speed collisions where a driver runs a stoplight/stop sign or fails to yield the right of way. Most vehicles have very little reinforcement along the side doors, so these crashes can be extremely dangerous.

Multi-Vehicle Collision

Although any two-car crash is a multi-vehicle accident by definition, this is usually a term applied to a collision involving three or more vehicles. This type of accident includes chain reaction collisions, where one car hits another, then another car can’t stop in time and hits the original car, and so on, causing a chain reaction.

They often occur on major roads in bad weather, when poor visibility or road conditions make it difficult to stop in time. These crashes are often severe, as vehicles become crushed from multiple impacts.

Rollover Crashes

Although any vehicle can roll over, differences in wheelbases, weight, and height of vehicles make some more prone to rolling, such as SUVs, pickups, and vans. The risk of a rollover increases when conditions are wet or icy, especially if a driver takes a turn too quickly.

A rollover can also occur after a side-impact collision or after a vehicle leaves the roadway, like after going in the ditch. Rollovers can be fatal, especially when combined with another collision. They also usually cause significant damage to the vehicle that rolls.

Single-Vehicle Crash

A single-vehicle crash involves a vehicle and a stationary object like a tree, fence, or telephone pole. These crashes are often due to inattention or driver error, but may also be caused by bad weather or an effort to avoid a road hazard, like an animal or object.

In some cases, a driver may be forced to leave the road to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle. These accidents can vary in severity depending on what is hit and what speed the vehicle is traveling at.

Most accidents fall into these categories. A Georgia car accident lawyer can help determine what happened and what type of car accident has occurred.

Car AccidentOnce a car accident has occurred, there are often medical bills and vehicle repair bills to be paid. If the accident was not your fault, either in part or completely, you may be seeking compensation for these expenses. The compensation awarded in a car accident case can vary widely depending on what exactly happened.

The nature and severity of your injuries will play a large part in your settlement amount, as they may lead to more significant medical bills and a larger amount of lost income as you recover. However, a settlement won’t exceed the limits of an insurance policy, so it’s entirely possible that a settlement won’t completely cover bills, lost income, or pain and suffering if the at-fault party is underinsured.

Many insurance policies have a clause in the case of an accident with an uninsured driver. If the uninsured driver is at fault and you have an uninsured driver clause, your insurance company may pay the difference between what the uninsured driver can actually pay and what you would be entitled to if they were fully insured. However, this policy does cost more, so not all drivers have it.

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault, or liable, for an accident. In some cases, it’s easy to tell, as it’s the driver who wasn’t obeying traffic laws. However, other times, there may be other factors or extenuating circumstances, like bad weather. If the other driver was driving for work, like if they are a truck driver or a taxi driver, their employer may be financially responsible if they get in an accident. A lawyer can help you determine that and reach out to the employer. In a single-car accident, it seems that you would be the one at fault, but that may not always be true.

If an essential part of your car failed, like the brakes, it’s possible that the manufacturer could be at fault and may be on the hook for compensation. In some cases, the Department of Transportation could be responsible for not properly maintaining the road. In that case, it’s not always a good idea to take on a government agency on your own – you’re definitely going to want a lawyer. Car accidents can also involve multiple parties, further complicating the determination of fault. These cases are even more complex, making it a good idea to hire a lawyer.

If you have a legal representative on your side, you are much more likely to receive a payout than if you handle things on your own. This is in part due to attorneys’ extensive knowledge of the legal system. The American legal system is highly complex and difficult to navigate, so it greatly helps to work with someone who has the experience that comes with years of schooling and practice and can advise you on what the next steps should be. A specific state’s laws can further complicate things as well. Depending on the fault laws in the state, your compensation can be affected.

For example, Georgia is a fault state, so fault needs to be determined before a payout can be sought from an insurance company. Some states are no-fault states, meaning that each driver must file a claim with their insurance company no matter who is at fault.

There are a number of cases where you should be certain to employ an attorney. One such example is a high-stakes case. If your injuries are long-term or permanently disabling, you are likely entitled to a large settlement. A lawyer can make sure that your claim is solid and that that money doesn’t slip through your fingers.

Often, these settlements will cover medical bills and possibly living costs for someone who can no longer work, so it is extremely important to present the best case possible. A car accident lawyer can also help you work with an insurance company. If you tried negotiating with the company yourself and negotiations either stall or fail, a lawyer (or sometimes just the threat of a lawsuit) can often get things moving again.

Speaking of lawsuits, if your case is going to trial, you definitely want a lawyer. Car accident cases usually settle outside of court, but in the event that you do find yourself at trial, you will want a trained professional to advocate for you and make sure you are justly represented. If the other party in the case has a lawyer, you are probably going to need one too.

Legal representation can be important for anyone else involved in the accident as well. If you had a child with you in the car who was injured, you may be able to sue on your child’s behalf with the help of a lawyer if they are below eighteen and cannot seek compensation for themselves. You don’t necessarily need to be a driver in an accident to seek compensation, either. If you were a passenger or pedestrian involved in an accident, a car accident lawyer can help you determine who is at fault and get you compensation for your injuries.

Contact a Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Hopefully, you will never have to experience a car accident. In the event that you do, however, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to contacting insurance or getting a settlement. A great first step is to contact a car accident lawyer. They will review your accident and help you determine how much money you should get for all the damages caused.

After calculating the damages, a lawyer can also help with contacting an insurance company and negotiating to ensure you receive a fair settlement. If your case ends up going to court, a lawyer will advocate for you and push for a fair outcome in the trial.

Having Monge & Associates on your side will help you wade through the confusing legal language and ensure that you are aware of all of the damages caused by the accident, like physical injuries, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering.

You need the funds for your recovery, but the at-fault party may do everything in its power to avoid paying for your losses. That can leave you paying out of pocket for your losses.

The lawyers at Monge & Associates are here to help. Your Georgia car accident attorney can help you file your lawsuit, contact us for a free case evaluation, so you can get the compensation you’re due.