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Slip and FallSlips, trips and falls happen in Georgia. Accidents are a part of life. There are times when someone’s at fault. Store owners have a duty to keep you safe. If these folks have fallen short, they must be held accountable. And you should be compensated.

Having legal representation is the best way to protect yourself when you’ve suffered a personal injury in Atlanta, GA. Shops often have huge legal teams. These companies do whatever they can to pay the least amount of money. Your injuries don’t matter to these people.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you’ve suffered an injury through no fault of your own, we may be able to help. Monge & Associates is a widely respected personal injury law firm. We can be your biggest champion! Need a Georgia slip and fall accident lawyer? Contact us for a free consultation! 

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents that Occur While Shopping

We can take for granted that shopping is generally safe. Unfortunately, danger may lurk around every corner of a store. Customers depend on shop owners to protect them. When those owners fail, the consequences could be painful.

What commonly leads to slips, trips or falls?

  • Carpeting or Rug Issues. Carpets can fray, especially in high-traffic areas. One unraveled thread can quickly turn carpeting into an uneven mess. Rugs can bunch up, fold over or slide. Trying to walk on these surfaces can lead to falls.
  • Stumbles Can Occur When Items Aren’t Put in Their Proper Places. Loose cables or cords that aren’t secured lie in wait to trip you. Clutter is a sign that a store isn’t being properly maintained. And that means you could take a spill.
  • Lack of Lighting. Certain areas of some stores may be hard to see. When you’re shopping, it’s the merchandise that captures your eye- not the surroundings. If aisles aren’t well lit, you can’t see how to dodge potential threats.
  • Poor Management. Employees don’t always see what needs to be done. When managers fail to keep workers on task, important jobs are overlooked. You could trip over piles of merchandise that weren’t put away. Empty boxes present tripping hazards when left in aisles.
  • Snow and/or Ice. Although Georgia lies in the Sun Belt, winter weather is still a possibility. Ice storms and snow can turn any parking lot into a danger zone. Prepare for calamities if de-icers aren’t used.
  • Many Types of Substances Become Dangerous When Spilled. Everything from popcorn kernels to hand sanitizer can cause a nasty fall. Managers must caution shoppers if messes aren’t cleaned up immediately. When warning signage isn’t posted, you unknowingly walk into a trap.
  • Wet Flooring. Commercial flooring tends to be slick in nature. Concrete and tile are popular because they last and can be easily cleaned. The downside is that these floors don’t give. Things get worse when liquid is added. Recently mopped floors are the site of many accidents. Areas near entrances and exits get slippery during wet weather. Managers are responsible for sharing when spaces are unsafe. When signage isn’t displayed, things go downhill.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Slip and Fall Cases

The law views things differently. It doesn’t matter what happens, it matters what you can prove. That’s right. You can become the victim all over again. Slipping and falling is painful. Why subject yourself to more agony by taking on a big company?

These cases are rarely simple. The owner or operator of the store could be responsible but there could be other parties at fault too. A Georgia slip and fall lawyer can determine who is most liable for your injuries. Your attorney can sort out who owns the building versus who manages the property if need be.

Having sound legal representation means you can rest easy while we work to hold the negligent party accountable for the injuries which occur on their premises. Your Georgia premises liability lawyer knows how to prove that the store failed in their duty of care. Experience counts. Attorneys at Monge & Associates are seasoned professionals. We understand the Georgia legal system and put our knowledge to work for you! 

How a Georgia Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Slip and FallIf given the choice between two settlements, you’d obviously choose the bigger one. But to get that bigger settlement, you need someone to fight for you. A Georgia slip and fall accident lawyer can do just that.

A qualified attorney can get you more money in less time. Seeking legal representation is especially effective in slip and fall cases. Liability can be difficult to prove, but without it there’s no compensation. Negligence must be established for your case to be successful.

Go it alone and you risk having a winning case be dismissed over a technicality. Team members at Monge & Associates are well-versed in the importance of filing paperwork correctly. We don’t fear deadlines: we embrace them!

A lawyer negotiates with large corporations and insurance companies on your behalf. An experienced litigator has the resources to investigate the scene and provide witnesses for your case. This professional can do what it takes to get you fairly compensated, whether through a settlement or in court.

Hiring the best Georgia slip and fall lawyer can get you compensated for your:

  • Incidental expenses
  • Legal fees
  • Lost earnings
  • Medical costs (both present and future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Quality of life being worse than before

Make just one call if you slip and fall. Store insurance companies know you’re vulnerable. A knowledgeable attorney can sort out this mess. Having legal representation means being able to focus on your recovery. Don’t let one bad shopping trip ruin your life.

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