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How Our Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Win

Do you need an attorney to file your truck accident claim? If you don’t mind walking away with nothing, then forgo legal representation. A Georgia truck accident lawyer is only needed when you want the best chance of success.

Truck Accident

Trucking companies retain law firms to save money. If it takes discrediting you and your case, so be it. Don’t be surprised if you’re blamed for your own injuries. These guys don’t play fair. They play to win, and you should too.

When you work with the right Atlanta personal injury lawyer, you can get the settlement you need. Damages should cover your medical expenses, property damage and lost wages. Mental anguish along with pain and suffering may be addressed too. If you’ve lost a loved one, loss of consortium should be included.

The first step in winning is consulting with a Georgia truck accident attorney you can trust. Forget rookies. This job is too important for amateurs. Monge & Associates has a long list of satisfied clients. Trucking company CEOs start sweating when we’re hired.

Our lawyers listen. We share how we can put our skillset to work for you. Once we determine we can help, we’ll get busy building a case that can’t be ignored.

We’ll Explain All of the Legal Language

A lawyer is responsible for reviewing the complicated legal language involved in settlements. It’s their job to understand the law, so they’ll be able to explain anything you don’t understand.

We’ll Handle The Insurance Company

Accident lawyers are well versed in insurance claims, which can be just as difficult to understand as all the legal jargon. It is your lawyer’s job to communicate with the insurance company and protect your interests when making a claim.

Help You Understand ALL of Your Damages

Our attorneys at Monge & Associates will help you determine what type(s) of compensation you may be entitled to. You can easily identify some types of damages – injuries to yourself or your passengers, vehicle damage, or property damage. An attorney, however, can determine if you are entitled to other damages. It may be possible to get compensation for lost wages if your injuries forced you to miss work.

The damages for pain and suffering can also be calculated using a formula. It’s clear that no amount of money can compensate for the suffering experienced, but it is at least a form of compensation. Depending on the severity of your injury, you multiply damages by a number between one and five.

We’ll Fight Passionately to Get You The Maximum Settlement

Occasionally, an insurance company will offer a settlement that doesn’t cover all the damages you may be entitled to. A skilled accident attorney can negotiate the maximum settlement with the insurance company, protecting your interests.

We’ll Represent You in Court

While many accident cases are settled out of court, in some cases a lawsuit is the only option. If this happens, Monge & Associates’ car accident lawyers will represent you in court. Their expertise in courtroom behavior and navigation of the legal system is born of years of training. You can count on us to make sure that you are represented accurately and to fight for the highest settlement possible.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Win

If you’re worried about how to pay for your lawyer, you’re not alone. However, at Monge & Associates, our Atlanta car accident lawyers receive a contingency fee based on your case’s outcome. Our fees are not paid unless we win your case.

If you or a loved one was in a truck accident, life may be forever changed. You’ll need the best legal help you can get. Thankfully there’s Monge & Associates. Our affordable law firm is here for you. Justice is not just what we strive for; it’s what we deliver!

It costs you nothing to meet with one of our Georgia truck accident lawyers. Schedule a completely free consultation. Ask questions. Find out all the ways we can help you. We’ll review your case. When you refuse to settle for less than what you’re worth, contact Monge & Associates.

Trucking companies understand the need for counsel. These businesses have some pretty big legal guns in their arsenal for this very reason. Should anything go wrong, truck company owners want to pay the least amount possible.

Truck AccidentWere you disfigured in a crash? Did a truck collision leave you unable to work? Did you lose a loved one due to a trucker’s negligence? It makes no difference to corporations and their legal teams. Self-preservation is the object of their game. Without your own representation, you could end up losing.

An accident with another motorist can be a cakewalk compared to a tractor-trailer wreck. All sorts of things may be involved in just one crash. The trucking industry is highly regulated. Knowing what rules were broken can prove negligence but only if you understand how to get the info.

More often than not, multiple parties may be involved and even responsible. Without an attorney, you get to play detective. Who failed in their duty of care to you? A Georgia truck accident lawyer can determine which of the following may be held liable:

  • Cargo loaders
  • Local or state government
  • Manufacturer of truck or specific parts
  • Other motorist(s)
  • Service vendors
  • Truck driver
  • Truck owner
  • Trucking company

Want to know how to succeed against trucking giants? Having an expert who can speak their language. Hiring a Georgia truck accident lawyer means getting someone who will negotiate for your best interest. It won’t take the defense team long to see they are dealing with a seasoned professional.

Monge & Associates attorneys have a wealth of experience in the trucking sector. These team members live and breathe Georgia trucking laws. Their combined knowledge makes it easy to see why five-star reviews just keep on coming. 

Truck Accident Statistics

Accidents, chaos and serious injuries commonly cast a shadow over trucks. A Georgia truck accident lawyer can be your real lifeline.

A loaded tractor-trailer outweighs a car by 70,000 pounds-plus. If these two have a spat, which do you think will come out ahead? Accidents of any kind are no treat. But getting into a wreck with a large truck can destroy lives.

More than four million semi-trucks traveled on U.S. roads in 2021. Tractor-trailers don’t enter Georgia alone. Along with these vehicles comes higher risks. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2020:

  • These types of trucks were involved in 4,842 fatal crashes
  • A whopping 83 percent of accident fatalities were not truck drivers or passengers
  • Large trucks were involved in 45,000-plus accidents where injuries were sustained 

It appears the influx of trucks won’t come to a standstill anytime soon. Semis are part of traffic. Anytime there’s traffic, accidents are likely. Be proactive. Find out more about the types of crashes. See how an attorney can help if you are ever involved in a Georgia truck accident.

There are many reasons why 18-wheeler accidents happen. You, the accident victim, is responsible for proving who was to blame and how they were at fault. Being legally represented by Monge & Associates means a savvy attorney handles all those details. You recover. Your affordable Georgia truck accident attorney takes care of your case. 

Types of Truck Accidents in Georgia

It’s easy to boost your safety. Become familiar with what can go wrong with 18-wheelers. Simply increase your awareness. Semi-truck accidents known to happen in Georgia include:

Cargo-Prompted Collisions

Drivers aren’t the only people who can fall short in the trucking industry. Anyone responsible for loading these rigs plays a major role in keeping roads safe too. Motorists may face freight that falls off tractor-trailers. Truckers can fishtail or lose control completely if loads suddenly shift. 

Potential Causes: There are three main ways these kinds of crashes can occur:

Imbalanced Haul

Loading a trailer or flatbed requires know-how. Qualified loaders won’t be done in minutes. An 18-wheeler is huge. Cargo weight and the center of gravity must be considered so noticeable shifts don’t occur. 

Load Isn’t Secure

Imagine someone has an off day. Now imagine this person just loaded a double-decker open car carrier. This scenario demonstrates the importance of securing the cargo in place. 

There’s Too Much Cargo

Maybe the Gross Vehicle Weight Limit (GVWR) has been exceeded. Items could be stacked too high on a flatbed. Overloading puts a truck’s brakes, tires and steering at risk. 

Head-on Crashes

Be ready to dial 911 if a truck comes directly towards another motorist. Even when traveling at slower speeds, these collisions rarely have happy endings. 

Potential Causes: Trucks that veer into another lane can head straight into oncoming traffic. One reason is drug or alcohol use. Reckless driving may also be blamed. Driver fatigue can cause truckers to lose focus after being on the road for too long. 

Truck Accident

This Textbook Type of Accident Has a Definitive Look

When a trailer spins around as if to try and meet the cab, it resembles a pocketknife.

Potential Causes: Any kind of truck equipment failure can result in a jackknife accident. Driving too fast can lead to improper braking. Skidding in bad weather and conditions like black ice may end in this type of crash. Taking curves too sharply can also be problematic. 

Rear-End Collisions

Truckers fail to stop soon enough. A rig runs into the back of another vehicle. These incidents are no fender benders. A car can easily be crushed from the sheer force. 

Potential Causes: Drivers who aren’t experienced, well rested, sober and careful are in danger. Getting distracted, following too closely and speeding can also prevent truck drivers from stopping in time. 

A Trucker Taking Curves or Corners Too Tightly May Start to Skid

If the driver can’t get sliding under control, the 18-wheeler may flip, then roll on its side. Overturned rigs can easily catch fire. 

Potential Causes: Drivers can lose control of semis. Speeding and distracted driving don’t help. Cargo that isn’t secured properly and faulty equipment can also lead to these collisions.

Trucks May Accidentally Bump Into Another Motorist from the Side

The two vehicles collide. The impact from a heavy semi hitting a smaller car can force it into oncoming traffic or off the road entirely. 

Potential Causes: Drivers who don’t check their blind spots can fall prey to these situations. Distractions, high winds, tire blowouts, fatigue and substance use also make it easy to drift.

T-Bone Wrecks

Intersections are the most common spot to find these devastating accidents. The t-bone shape is usually created as a truck slams into the side of a vehicle. Truckers making illegal turns can cause oncoming vehicles to collide with trucks too. 

Potential Causes: The right-of-way is overlooked. Stop signs are ignored. Red lights are run. Speeding, zoning out, drowsiness and alcohol use can prevent truck drivers from using better judgement. 

Turns Gone Wrong

Making a right-hand turn in a big rig takes a certain amount of skill. Those who haven’t mastered the technique may first swing to the left. This tactic works when there’s no traffic. Otherwise, vehicles may collide with semis. Trucks that hog the road may not leave motorists anywhere to go. 

Potential Causes: Lack of sufficient training and inexperience can be major contributors. Drivers who know what to do but choose to do differently could be intoxicated, fatigued or just plain reckless.

Under-ride Collisions

Also known as one of motorists’ worst nightmares, these accidents are deadly. A car hits either the back or side of an 18-wheeler. Instead of stopping, momentum pushes the bottom half of the vehicle under the truck. The top half is typically left behind. 

Potential Causes: The main reason these horrific accidents happen is lack of sight: many happen at dark. Motorists can’t avoid what they can’t see. Every truck light should work. Inclement weather and unexpected braking can lead to these accidents too. Underride guards help only if they’re installed and working. 

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