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Secrets to Win Your Injury Case

Secrets to WIN Your Injury Case


For those who have been injured in a car wreck, or other accident, or have a claim for disability benefits. Even if fortunate enough to have not been injured, this free book is the ultimate guide to protecting rights and avoiding costly mistakes after being injured. The army of lawyers from insurance companies and large corporations can be very intimidating, and this book contains examples of past cases Scott and his team of dedicated attorneys have dealt with in the face of those oppositions over the years.

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Workers Comp

How to Win Your Workers’ Compensation Case and Get a Big Settlement


Getting hurt at work is a scary experience. You worry about your injuries. You fear for your financial future. You wonder what you can do to stay protected.

Although no one ever anticipates that they will be involved in a serious accident at work, on-the-job injuries happen every day. In this book, we provide you with an overview of how to protect you and your family after an accident by providing you with answers about:

  • What it takes to win your workers’ compensation claim
  • What benefits you have available to you after a workplace accident
  • The critical next steps to take after an accident happens at work

Your case may feel out of control as you deal with insurance companies, your employer, and others. There are options available to you to help you get the information you need to win a big settlement that will cover your costs and protect your family’s future.

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Winning Results in Drunk Driving Crashes

Winning Results You Never Dreamed Possible in Drunk Driving Cases

The vital legal guide for victims of drunk driving crashes.

“Being a victim of a drunk driving accident is one of the toughest personal injuries to endure,” said Scott G. Monge. “We all know the consequences of a drunk driving accident, but when it happens to you, it turns your life upside down.”

In this book, Scott discusses the reasons why drunk driving crashes are different from other auto accidents, what victims must do after a drunk driving crash, and the importance of winning your settlement following a drunk driving crash.

“Knowledge is power. This book will arm you with the proper information to demand justice from the person who hit you. Knowing the right questions to ask will empower you to obtain the settlement you deserve,”

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Five Biggest Mistakes After Accidents

The Five Biggest Mistakes People Make After an Accident

Many people think it’s simpler and quicker to “just go through the insurance company” for potential compensation for their injuries after an accident. Our experience since 1993 indicates that this is often not the case. And making the wrong decision could cost you in the long run.

We created this brochure to help educate you about what goes on behind the scenes of an accident and personal injury claim.

Read on to discover the 5 biggest mistakes we have seen well-meaning victims make after an accident, and learn from them.

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