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Motorcycle Accident

You wouldn’t ride without a helmet, right? The same logic applies to your case. You need protection. Without the right legal representation, you’re exposed. The best way to safeguard your health and future is to hire an Atlanta personal injury attorney who knows exactly what it takes to win the maximum possible settlement in your case.

There’s no cookie-cutter solution available. Every motorcycle accident is different. It’s your responsibility to prove who was at fault. Most cases aren’t simple. Many claims get out of hand quickly. There could be multiple parties responsible. The burden falls on you.

Showing how every involved party was negligent can become a nightmare. Want a serious settlement?You need serious representation. You must prove how defendants were negligent. The extent of your injuries must be shown. You’re responsible for gathering all this proof and filing all the paperwork while trying to recover.

Hiring a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer gives you what you need to succeed. Monge & Associates has the proven track record of getting justice for clients like you. We know Georgia motorcycle laws inside and out. Our affordable attorneys dedicate their skills to you. And that means winning!

How Our Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t file a claim yourself. For the same reason you wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Things could get ugly. If you want the best outcome, you need the best representation. End of story.

A highly qualified Georgia motorcycle accident attorney can:

  • Decide the right dollar amount for your damages
  • Enlist the help of medical experts to validate your case
  • Estimate how long it could take to reach a settlement
  • Interpret what the insurance company explains
  • Negotiate with insurance company representatives
  • Preserve evidence at the accident scene
  • Represent you in court
  • Send subpoenas on your behalf
  • Show how your accident entitles you to compensation
  • Submit evidence correctly 

Working with a trusted lawyer means accessing their firm’s resources and experience. Not every motorcycle crash is another driver’s fault, but many are. Monge & Associates attorneys go the distance for you.

If we take your motorcycle accident case, you can count on us. We don’t just pursue compensation for your injuries today. Our team members seek to get you a settlement that provides for future medical treatment too.

Motorcycle Riding Risks

Motorcycle AccidentYou need an attorney experienced in Georgia motorcycle laws. Monge & Associates can get you the settlement you deserve.

Friends and family members have probably already told you. Riding a bike is risky. Critical injuries aren’t empty threats. Of course, all accidents introduce an element of danger. But a motorcycle amplifies your odds, by a mile.

Vehicles have a frame to protect motorists; motorcycles don’t. Bike collisions can destroy lives. The state’s continued population growth only adds to the problem.

Were you involved in a motorcycle accident? Has a loved one suffered injuries because of a careless driver? Monge & Associates can be your ray of light during this dark time. Our lawyers are sensitive to your needs. We fight to get you the highest settlement Georgia law allows! 

Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

Southern hospitality isn’t the only thing found in the Peach State. The many interstates, back roads and business routes provide backdrops for bike collisions. Typical Georgia motorcycle accidents include those involving:

Alcohol Use

Driving under the influence is a leading contributor to crashes. Whether it’s the operator of a motorcycle or another vehicle, driving while impaired can end badly. These accidents are usually serious. Don’t bet on being able to walk away. 

Primary Cause: Drinking impairs judgement. Reaction time is slower. Hand-eye coordination is reduced. Safely operating a moving vehicle requires full concentration. 

How to Prevent: Knowing your limits may not be enough. If you plan on enjoying drinks with friends, don’t bring your bike. Catch a ride home with a sober buddy. Use MARTA, Uber or Lyft.

Blind Spots

It’s easy for motorcycles to disappear behind blind zones. Drivers think the coast is clear. A vehicle begins merging into another lane. You could be in trouble. 

Primary Cause: Many times, drivers only give a quick look before switching lanes. Distractions make this issue even worse. Motorcyclists must keep their guard up in traffic. 

How to Prevent: As a rider, stay vigilant against careless driving. Minimize your time in these blind spots. Watch for turn signals and drivers checking out their windows. Give these drivers more leeway.

Drowsy Driving

The road commands your full attention. When you aren’t able to give it, accidents can happen. Getting enough rest isn’t just recommended, it’s required. Operating a vehicle means making split-second decisions. 

Primary Cause: Obviously not getting proper rest contributes to this condition. Along these same lines is zoning out. Being overstressed can cause your thoughts to drift. 

How to Prevent: Maintain good posture. Focus on your breathing. If you feel your mind wander, pull over so you can stretch your legs.

Head-on Collisions

When bikes and cars meet head-on, death and destruction follow. Car passengers and drivers won’t exactly enjoy a picnic but are more protected. These events often result in motorcyclist fatalities.

Primary Cause: Various reasons lead to head-on accidents. Driving too fast, getting distracted and passing unsafely are a few ways things can go south. 

How to Prevent: Driving defensively can help. Maintain proper speeds. Stay alert. Slow down if a nearby driver seems to have trouble staying in their lane.

Motorists Making Left Turns

One of the most common accidents involving motorcycles happens when a vehicle turns left. This scenario happens at intersections and in roadways. 

Primary Cause: Drivers may not be on the lookout for motorcycles. Strangely, motorists may even see bikers but don’t always register them as traffic. 

How to Prevent: Preventing these kinds of accidents can be hard but not impossible. The best thing to do in many cases is to simply slow down. Suspect a car will be turning left soon? Give that guy plenty of room. 

Splitting Lanes

Accidents can happen easily when motorcyclists ride between vehicles. You don’t get a lane to yourself. Maneuvering in cramped areas gets dicey. 

Primary Cause: Bikers may get eager to get going. As traffic slows, it can be tempting to duck in and out of lanes. 

How to Prevent: Be patient. Even though you could technically fit through a space doesn’t make it a good idea. Remember: splitting lanes is illegal in Georgia.

Taking Curves or Turning Corners Too Quickly

Crashes are often caused by bikers going too fast. A motorcycle is much more difficult to correct than a car. If your judgement is off, there could be serious fallout. 

Primary Cause: Experience matters. Road conditions factor in too. Grit, rain, ice or debris make these spots much more dangerous. Overcorrecting can also cause wrecks. 

How to Prevent: There’s no substitute for years of experience. Slowing down is the next best option. If you feel you’re going too fast, lean towards the curve instead of relying on your brakes. 

Traveling at High Speeds

These situations can be deadly. Even some legal speed limits are too fast for motorcycles to travel safely. If anything goes wrong, riders aren’t protected.

Primary Cause: Bikes are lightweight. Sporty models are built to book it. Unlike sportscars, there really aren’t safety features in place if control is lost. 

How to Prevent: Ride at safe speeds. Keep your distance from vehicles that appear to be traveling too fast. 

Contact a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Georgia motorcyclists don’t have air bags and seatbelts to protect them. What they do have is accident attorneys. In the aftermath of a crash, these specially trained professionals can provide the help you need.

Attorneys at Monge & Associates will evaluate your motorcycle accident claim. Our team members listen without judgement. We answer your questions. It costs nothing for us to review your case. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get the highest amount of compensation possible? Let our lawyers help!

You’ve been injured, and you only have one shot to get the compensation you deserve. A dedicated attorney from Monge & Associates knows what it takes to fight for you and could help you win a maximum settlement.