9 Steps to Take if an Amazon Delivery Driver Hits Your Car at an Intersection in Alabama

Being involved in a car accident is stressful under any circumstances. But when the other driver is making deliveries for Amazon at the time, it adds another layer of complexity. Here are nine steps to take if you’re hit by an Amazon delivery vehicle in Alabama. 1. Remain at the Scene First things first…

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4 Tips for Proving Negligence If an Amazon Delivery Driver Hits Your Motorcycle in Colorado

There is something wonderfully freeing about riding a motorcycle in Colorado. It gives you the sense that you are one with the road, nature and your surroundings. But riding a motorcycle isn’t all flowers and roses, as each time you get on the bike, you are taking risks on the road. It’s important to…

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What Are Your Rights if You Are Injured by an Amazon Delivery Driver in Georgia Because of Poor Vehicle Maintenance?

Being injured in an auto accident is often traumatic because of injuries, financial stress, and emotional distress, which is why you deserve compensation. But what happens if you’re struck by an Amazon delivery driver with a poorly maintained car in Georgia? The most obvious option would be contacting Amazon customer care and attempting to…

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