The Most Dangerous Roads in Mississippi Revealed

Driving on any road comes with inherent risks, but certain roads in Mississippi have proven to be more dangerous than others based on accident and fatality rates. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most hazardous roads in the Magnolia State that drivers should be aware of.

Top Accident-Prone Urban Highways

Topping the list is US-98/Hardy Street in Hattiesburg. This busy highway saw a staggering 7,649 crashes from 2010 to 2014 according to statistics. Running through dense urban areas with many exits, Hardy Street is prone to accidents. It also connects directly to US-49, a major interstate less than two miles away, bringing in heavy traffic.

Second on the list is MS-25/Lakeland Drive in Jackson. While rural roads statistically see more fatal crashes in Mississippi according to the CDC, Lakeland Drive is a major exception. This 150-mile highway links rural and urban zones with a high-speed divided four-lane setup. Going through 13 different cities, the transition from quiet rural areas to busy metro surroundings makes Lakeland Drive inherently dangerous.

Rural Roads with High Accident Rates

Just outside Memphis, MS-302/Goodman Road is extremely hazardous due to its six major highway intersections and rural location. This causes issues for emergency response times and makes it difficult for law enforcement to patrol. Between 2010-2014, this road saw nearly 3,000 crashes.

US-90/Bienville Boulevard in Biloxi is also on the watch list, recording over 4,000 crashes in the same period. While not as high as other roads, its length through scenic coastal towns significantly increases traffic and accident risk.

Rounding out the top five most dangerous roads is US-45 in Meridian, which connects to Mobile, Alabama. Running through both rural and urban zones, US-45 saw around 2,300 crashes due to its long stretch through the state.

Other Notable Hazardous Roads

Some other notably dangerous roads include Highway 15 in Laurel, notorious for a high rate of trucking accidents and fatalities. The Natchez Trace Parkway is extremely hazardous with its narrow two-lane setup and lack of guardrails in parts. I-10 near Gulfport sees over 1,500 accidents annually, while Highway 82 in Greenville has a tragic history of pedestrians getting struck.

Reasons for High Accident Rates

So, what’s behind the high accident rates on these Mississippi roads? Experts point to distracted driving as a major factor, especially cell phone use and texting. Speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving, and drowsy driving also contribute. Highway design is also an issue, with many roads lacking sufficient lighting, signage, medians, and other safety features.

Get Legal Help After an Accident

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