4 Reasons Why Mississippi Truck Accidents Are So Dangerous

Truck accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities for other road users and pedestrians. The impact of being hit by such a major vehicle is extremely dangerous, and sadly, so many Mississippi residents lose their lives every year because of this fact. Why are they so perilous? The Monge & Associates truck accident attorneys in Jackson are here to explain more.

Trucks Are Large Vehicles

The main point to consider is just how big a truck really is. These vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is far bigger than any regular vehicle or person. This means they are strong, heavy and have a looming presence on the main highways around Mississippi. Therefore, if an accident happens, it can only ever be one with devastating consequences. The most recent data suggests there were over 100 deaths because of trucks in the state.

Stop Times

It is also incredibly difficult to bring a magnanimous vehicle such as this to a complete halt. There has to be enough time to slow down and brake sufficiently in order to avoid colliding with other vehicles. If the driver is not paying attention, speeding, or even just caught out in an emergency stop situation, there is a strong possibility that they won’t be able to brake at all. This means they will rear-end the car in front, and given the weight comparison, it will propel the car into the other vehicles in the line of traffic too.

The Rural Factor

It is hard to ignore the fact that Mississippi has a lot of rural areas that are sparsely populated. These roads are hard to reach for emergency responders and this can increase the likelihood that victims of a serious crash are not reached in time to get the medical attention that could save their lives.

Distracted Driving

It is more dangerous than any other vehicle class for a truck driver to be distracted behind the wheel. Yet, it still happens too many times to count. This means they were looking at a mobile device, speeding to complete a job, or not paying attention to the external weather conditions. Any of these factors exacerbate the chance of a fatal collision occurring.

What Can You Do?

If you have been involved in a truck accident, or sadly lost a loved one in an accident of this nature, get in touch with Monge & Associates to find out how we can support you through this time. We have a lot of offices across the country, coming in at a grand total of 32 across a whopping 19 states overall. You can find us in Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Alabama and more so we will definitely be close by should the day ever come when you need legal guidance.

Don’t delay your claim because it is often a race against the Statute of Limitations clock. There will be evidence to establish, liability to consider, and a lot of mental strain to work through too. All of this means if you call now, we can get things started and on the right path.

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