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November 22, 2020

The Importance of Burn Awareness

Each year, the American Burn Association hosts a National Burn Awareness Week to help bring the true dangers of all types of burns to the American people attention. The World Health Organization estimated that there are an estimated 180,000 deaths cause by burns each year. You might be thinking but how does the related to me? Burns can occur in a multitude of ways and each person is at risk in their daily life; however, those who work more closely with heat, chemical, and electricity are at a higher risk.

Thermal Burns

When you think about burns, you are likely imaging thermal, or heat, burns. These are the types of burns that come directly from heat, whether it be scolding liquid, flame, or even an oven. Thermal burns can be avoided by reducing exposure to the heat sources, using/wearing heat resistant clothing and gear, and keeping sparks away from combustible materials.

One of the most common forms of thermal burns is something you have probably even experienced! Sunburn is considered a thermal burn. Remember to always wear sunscreen, avoid direct sunlight whenever possible, and wear protective clothing.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can be some of the most painful and common types of burns. When bare skin comes in contact with certain chemical like strong acids, alkaloids, and other materials, it can eat away at the soft tissue and cause a burn injury. This type of burn usually occurs in work places that use industrial cleaners and in laboratories and manufacturing plants.

Because chemical burns primarily take place in the workplace, it the responsibility of employers to conducts safety measures to help protect their employees. For example, chemicals should all be clearly marked and stored, companies should provide the proper safety gear – including eye wear, and send workers who come in contact with chemicals to Hazard Communication Training.

Electric Burns

While thermal burns and chemical burns primarily effect the soft tissues of your skin, electrical burns can affect your entire body. An electrical burn occurs when an electrical current enters your body. Injuries can include superficial skin burns, nervous system problems, and even damage to internal organs. It is imperative to seek medical attention if you get an electrical burn because while it may seem that your only injury is a slight burn to the skin, you could have serious, even life threatening, internal injuries.

Workplace Prevention

Because workplace hazards can greatly increase the risk for each type of burn, it is imperative that employers take proper precaution to protect their employees. It is an employer’s responsibly to provide a safe work environment for their employees, even when it comes to working with these hazards. To help reduce the risk of these injuries employers should provide the following:

  • Initial and refresher training courses for handling heat, chemicals, and electrical currents
  • Hazard communication and training including color coding, labeling, and warnings
  • Proper safety gear
  • Equipment and machinery in perfect working condition

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