The Dangers of Being a Pedestrian on Baltimore Roads

Pedestrians are always at risk of being hit by a vehicle, regardless of how careful they may be while walking about or crossing a busy road. Unfortunately, nearly 2,000 people in the last few years lost their life in Maryland in traffic collisions, and a high percentage of these were entirely pedestrian related. So what are the dangers of being a pedestrian on Baltimore roads, and how can they be navigated to minimize the risks?

Speeding Motorists

A speeding driver is far less likely to be able to stop if you are caught in their path. The risk is increased when it is raining or there is ice on the road, but the reality is that driving over the speed limit is just a dangerous thing to do. Pedestrians are harder to spot, regardless of whether they are crossing at a designated spot or jaywalking, and if they are noticed in time, stopping is all but impossible. While groups of drivers like motorcyclists are definitely vulnerable to the dangers of speeding, pedestrians are even more vulnerable.

Night-Time and Poor Visibility

On average, Maryland is a state with a high rate of vehicle-related accidents occurring each day, at around 290 to be precise. A number of these incidents can be attributed to night-time driving and poor visibility. When you walk around after dark, there are certain rules that must be followed if you want to be completely safe. For example, wearing reflective clothing and walking facing traffic coming towards you. Make sure you are never caught in the blind spots when crossing roads, and try to stick to the pavement wherever possible.

Environmental Distractions

It is possible for both a driver and a pedestrian to be distracted. If both parties are not focusing on the task at hand, i.e. safe driving and crossing sensibly, then this often leads to a collision. Monge & Associates can be found in over 30 locations in nine different states, including here in Baltimore, Maryland. So if you are a victim of a distracted driver, or you were perhaps not concentrating as well as you should have and are wondering about how that impacts liability, come and see us to discuss the options. An insurance claim can be affected by things like whether you were looking at your phone when the incident occurred, and while it will always factor in the accountability of the driver, it could still be impacted negatively if you don’t give an authentic account.

Subpar Infrastructure

It sometimes happens that the condition of the roads and pavements leads to a slip and fall incident, which then turns into a full-on vehicle-involved collision accident. Whether it is the actual condition of the road, for instance, there are lots of potholes, or it is a confusing design, this all plays a part in the statistics. Take Harford Road, for example, a once 4-lane structure being cut down to 2 lanes for traffic and dedicated cyclist/pedestrian rights of way. This change may have been a good thing, but the confusion around it has actually increased the number of pedestrian hits in the area. Our team of attorneys is here to help at our office in Baltimore, Maryland if this has happened to you.

Alcohol or Drug Use

This point also swings both ways. Firstly, the dangers of being a pedestrian on Baltimore roads significantly surge when they are intoxicated by alcohol or incapacitated as a result of taking drugs. It not only affects their ability to make safe decisions, but they have less control over their movements and are more prone to falling or stumbling. Secondly, if a driver is the one who gets behind the wheel drunk or high, then everyone around them is in danger. There is no real way to control a vehicle properly when your brain is under the influence, and this means no one is safe. Pedestrians caught in the crossfire of a drunken driver on Baltimore roads are more likely to die than any other type of accident.

With over 30 offices including ones in Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Washington, Monge & Associates have widespread facilities that reach so many corners of the country. So while our personal injury attorney in Baltimore may be able to help, we can also offer support in plenty of other spaces as well. Pedestrian accidents are a serious business, and it is natural to want answers after something this traumatic takes place. Come and talk to us today.

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