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November 23, 2020

Texting and Driving News Reveals National Epidemic

For many reasons, texting and driving is one of the most damaging epidemics in the United States. Part of the reason is that there is a lack of awareness about how dangerous it really is.

National polls routinely reveal that drivers understand it is illegal but choose to text behind the wheel, because they believe it can be done safely. It’s important to spread public awareness that texting while driving is not a skill that can be learned; it is distracting no matter how good the person’s driving record is or how long they’ve been texting behind the wheel.

Another problem with distracted driving that harms our society is the fact that drivers who text and cause accidents aren’t held criminally responsible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises that texting while driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving, yet there is a disparity between the punishments for both crimes. According to the NHTSA, cellphones play a role in approximately 23 percent of all car accidents, so it seems wise to adopt harsher penalties.

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Distracted Driver Cited After Fatal Accident

The Cliffview Pilot reports that a texting driver who caused a fatal, multi-vehicle accident has escaped criminal prosecution. Police say she was texting and failed to notice that traffic was slowing.

When she did realize the scenario, she slammed on her brakes, causing the motorcyclist behind her to crash. The biker, Michael Miktus, landed between two other vehicles and died at the scene. Nadine Nixon, the driver of the car, was cited for texting but will not face criminal charges because investigators believe Miktus was tailgating.

Driver Receives Probation After Hit-and-Run

The Daily SoCal reports that Teresa Lynn Hyde was texting and struck another driver on the interstate. Rather than stopping, she attempted to flee by swerving onto an exit ramp, but she was travelling too fast and rolled her vehicle.

The other driver and her passenger were both injured in the collision. Hyde pleaded guilty to one charge of hit-and-run and received three years of probation. To the victims of distracted driving, these punishments do not seem like justice.

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