Scott Monge News Roundup: Negligence and Car Accidents

There are many types of negligent behavior that can cause a serious car accident. Most people know about drunk driving and texting behind the wheel, but there are many other problems that can lead to severe injuries.

For instance, speeding is one of the most common forms of reckless driving, and victims of speeding drivers may have the same rights to compensation as those who are involved in distracted-driving accidents. Another well-known type of negligence occurs when a person drives while fatigued.

Most often, this involves tractor-trailer operators. People who drive for a living often face pressure from their employers to stay awake and drive longer than is safe. Long-haul drivers, in particular, work for incentives that may not align with federal rest regulations. Although a majority of fatigued driving involves truck operators, anyone can become a fatigued driver.

Driver Swerves Into Wrong Lane and Causes Fatal Car Crash

As you might expect, fatigued driving accidents generally involve drifting across lanes. The Charlotte Observer reports that a negligent driver recently swerved across four lanes and struck a car that contained a mother and her two young sons.

The mother died immediately, and paramedics rushed her children to the hospital with critical injuries. After a thorough investigation, police determined that the driver was driving while fatigued, and they charged him with death by vehicle.

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Driver Crashes into Daycare Building While Dropping off Children

Sometimes, it’s difficult to prove that a driver was acting recklessly during a car crash. Consider distracted drivers; those who text or call using a cellphone leave records behind, and police often pull those records from phone carriers. However, police can’t always prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a driver was distracted by GPS or the radio. Even so, the results of a crash often speak for themselves.

The Sacramento Bee reports that a parent was dropping off her children at daycare when she accelerated into the building, crashing into one of the rooms. Two of the children suffered minor injuries in the accident.

It suffices to say that the incident could have been much worse. It may be shocking to read that this is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, according to the Storefront Safety Council, approximately 7,300 drivers collide with buildings every year in the United States. The personal injury attorneys at Monge & Associates have decades of experience helping negligent-driving victims. If you are ready to arrange a consultation with the highest-rated attorney in Atlanta, call us at.

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