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November 23, 2020

Scott Monge Explains How Black Tusk Bassist Died in Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous, and a large number of motorcyclists suffer injuries or death during an accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that in 2008, car crash-related fatalities reached an all-time low across the United States. However, the number of motorcycle accident fatalities reached an all-time high. Statistics reveal that motorcycle deaths more than doubled between the late 1990s and 2008.

The reality is that the chance of sustaining injuries or dying on a motorcycle has increased significantly, and it is a problem that is also facing the state of Georgia. If you are a motorcycle accident victim, you may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses and lost income.

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Popular Musician Dies in Motorcycle Crash

USA Today reports that a popular musician who plays in the heavy metal band Black Tusk died in a motorcycle crash in Georgia. The bassist for the band, Jonathan Athon, was driving his bike near his Georgia home when he crashed into an SUV.

A spokesman for the band confirmed the accident and told media that Athon died in a local hospital due to the injuries sustained in the crash. The crash caused Athon severe brain damage.

Police say a passenger on Athon’s Harley Davidson also sustained serious injuries but is in fair condition at a local hospital. The band has just finished recording a follow-up to their popular 2011 album, according to the manager. It is unclear how the accident will affect the launch of this album and future appearances by the band.

Soldier Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Crash

WTOC reports that a soldier sustained critical injuries following a serious motorcycle crash. Garrett Sherley is a 21-year-old Hunter Army Field soldier. He was driving his Honda motorcycle at high speed when a Chevrolet Impala crossed in front of him. Sherley braked hard but skidded through the intersection.

Police say there was significant damage to the rear panel of the car, and the motorbike only came to rest a block away from the place of impact. A team is currently investigating the accident while Sherley remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

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