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November 23, 2020

Scott Monge Discusses Two Horrific Falls That Left Workers with Serious Injuries

Personal-injury lawsuits arise in a variety of situations, but they all have one common factor: One party’s negligence caused another’s injuries. This negligence takes many forms including reckless driving, failing to remedy a hazard and not exercising enough caution. It’s rare, but in some cases, victims file lawsuits against a state agency.

For instance, The South Lake Press reports Charles W. Pike claims the Department of Transportation (DOT) is liable for his injuries after a car accident in 2010. At the time, Pike was 21 years old and riding in a vehicle with his friend, Leighton Kish.

In the evening, an animal dashed into the road, forcing Kish to swerve into the guardrail. The average guardrail can repel this sort of accident, but Pike says this wasn’t an ordinary guardrail.

According to his lawsuit, the DOT negligently repaired the barrier after an accident the year before Pike’s. State workers failed to use standard replacement rails; instead, they used random pieces of metal, including a partial and outdated piece of rail from 1965. The result was a hazard that led to a very serious accident.

Doctors Amputated Pike’s Left Leg Following the Crash

A piece of the rail came loose on impact and pierced the passenger compartment. It sliced through Pike’s leg, striking the bone. At the hospital, doctors determined they could not save the leg and performed an amputation. Pike is suing the DOT because workers installed a type of rail that hasn’t been used since 1994. He claims he would still have his leg if not for the DOT’s negligence.

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Woman Sues City Over Wheelchair Accident

The Department of Transportation and the State Highway Administration are often the defendants in lawsuits because they are responsible for maintaining roadways. One woman says they failed to provide a safe environment after she fell from her wheelchair on a sidewalk ramp.

Delmarva Public Radio reports Oda Wendt, 89, broke both of her arms after her wheelchair struck a raised piece of plastic that was part of a warning mat. Her daughter was pushing the chair and says the defective mat stopped the wheels, causing her mother to fall to the concrete.

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