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November 23, 2020

Scott Monge Discusses 2 Horrifying Pedestrian Hit-And-Runs

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 76,000 U.S. drivers strike and seriously injure pedestrians every year. Each of those drivers faces a choice: remain at the scene and provide potentially lifesaving aid or flee to escape criminal prosecution.

Not every driver makes the right choice, and thousands of pedestrians suffer injuries in hit-and-run accidents each year. Below, we’ve rounded up two stories that include drivers who fled the scene and now face prosecution as a result.

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1. Teen Helps Police Find the Driver Who Killed His Brother

Last week, a teen watched as a reckless driver struck his brother, Andrew Finnell, who was skateboarding in the street. The driver sped away from the scene after briefly stopping to speak with the Finnell’s brother. While Finnell lay in the hospital, his brother and a friend tracked down the driver using Facebook. Then, they contacted police and shared their suspicion of the driver’s identity.

Based on the tip, investigators found enough evidence to arrest the driver, who was also a teen. King 5 News reports that Finnell died from his injuries less than a week after the accident. Prosecutors charged the driver with hit-and-run involving a death. The case will take place in juvenile court.

2. Driver Heading to Jail After Fatal Accident

Nearly a year ago, Jason Michael Palmer finished drinking at a bar and began to drive home late at night. He was unable to keep his vehicle under control and struck a 20-year-old who was walking along the road. Palmer left the victim, Jacob Greenwald, bleeding in the desolate road. By the time a passerby found Greenwald, he had already died from his injuries. Police believe that he may have survived if Palmer had called for help.

Police found Palmer’s front license plate, which had come loose during the collision, and arrested him at his home. CBS News reports that Greenwald’s family was horrified to learn that Palmer was smiling as police arrested him. Reporters say that Palmer was more apologetic shortly before a judge sentenced him to 30 years in prison for leaving the scene of the crash.

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