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November 23, 2020

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

Spring is upon us which means thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts can rejoice as they pull off the rain covers and bring their bikes out of locked sheds and garages. As a motorcyclist, you know every time you get on the road is a risk as you drive alongside other vehicles. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, and we invite you to do your part to reduce accidents through proactive measures that could save a life.

Unfortunately, many car and truck drivers do not view the road as a shared space and discount motorcyclists, resulting in disastrous and sometimes lethal accidents. Prevention is possible by taking simple precautions to ensure your rights are respected just like anyone else on the road.

Make sure you consider the following motorcycle safety tips:

  • Even if you are only taking a short trip, you must always wear a helmet and other safety gear. This could be the difference between life or death as head injuries are often fatal.
  • Visibility is key as your mode of transportation is much smaller than the rest. Always wear brightly-colored clothing and avoid being hidden behind large trucks.
  • Just as everyone else on the road, you must follow all traffic laws. This includes avoiding reckless behavior such as sudden lane changes, speeding, riding under the influence, failing to yield, etc.

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