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Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt by someone’s carelessness, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Reach out for help seeking compensation for your Marietta personal injury claim.

Your injuries may not be your fault. You were careful—always checking both directions before crossing the street, following your medication instructions carefully, and never missing a chance to use your blinker. But even the most vigilant person can’t always prevent injuries caused by careless people. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t recover compensation for your injuries. Although our lawyers at Monge & Associates can’t undo the damage, we can help you recover financially from your injuries. Reach out to a Marietta personal injury lawyer for guidance on your civil claim. 

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Marietta

Marietta accidents can happen and sometimes nobody is to blame. But if someone was careless or negligent with your safety and you suffered as a result, you could be owed restitution.

How do you know whether you have a viable claim? You and your lawyer may pursue a claim against the at-fault party for the injuries you suffered if they were negligent with your safety. In that case, you can pursue compensation that covers the costs of your losses, from your medical bills to the intangible suffering you experienced. 

Below is just a sample of the types of accidents your personal injury lawyer in Marietta can handle: 

Georgia Laws That Can Impact Your Claim

Your Marietta personal injury claim may not be so simple as filling out the right paperwork and getting compensated. A mistake can hurt your claim, and it can leave you without the compensation you’re due for your injuries. 

For example, Georgia residents have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. If you don’t file in time, your claim may be dismissed and you’ll forfeit the chance to pursue compensation. 

You may also lose compensation if you’re found partly at fault for the injuries you suffered. For example, the at-fault party may have caused your Marietta car accident, but you may have been drowsy or texting when the accident happened. You didn’t cause the accident, but according to the at-fault party, you didn’t take care to avoid it. 

If you don’t defend your claim against these accusations, you could be assigned a percentage of fault. Your compensation will then be reduced by that percentage. An experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure your claim is filed on time and combat accusations of shared fault

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Marietta 

Worried about your future following a serious injury in Marietta? You have options to recover compensation for your injuries. Your Marietta personal injury lawyer at Monge & Associates can help you seek compensation, starting with a free consultation. Reach out by calling 404-481-3826 or by completing the online contact form below.