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November 23, 2020

Drunk Driving: Spotting and Avoiding

Getting into an auto accident with a driver under the influence is based on the negligence of others and is something that is completely preventable. If you have been in an accident with a driver under the influence you may be entitled to receive compensation, contact a qualified Atlanta DUI accident attorney for more information.

However, what’s even better than finding a lawyer who can win your case, is not ever having a run-in with a driver under the influence in the first place. To help make the road a safer place, we’ve put together some of the most commonly seen warning signs of spotting a driver under the influence out on the streets.


Due to alcohol’s impact on memory and comprehension, it’s common for a drunk driver to forget where they are headed. This may cause sporadic braking patterns as they attempt to remember where they are and what they’re doing. If you see brake lights looking like a firework show, it may be in your best interest to steer clear of that vehicle.


Failure to maintain lane or commonly known as “lane straddling” is when a vehicle “straddles” the center of two lanes, instead of being within the lane lines. This is one of the most iconic signs of a driver under the influence. They will often swerve far one way and overcorrect their movement, causing them to leave their lane. Be sure to keep clear if you see someone who is having a hard time staying in their own lane.


Being under the influence of certain substances has the ability to impact an individual’s depth perception. That being said, another big red flag that a driver may be under the influence is excessively wide turning. Wide, jerky turns may be an indication of a driver under the influence, be sure to keep your distance and stay alert around these drivers.


At Monge & Associates, we know that preventing an accident isn’t always possible, especially when there is a driver under the influence involved. However, holding the negligent party accountable and seeking compensation is possible and should be done. Our staunch Atlanta DUI accident attorneys work around the clock to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome.

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