Decatur, GA – Car Wreck with Injuries at Covington Hwy & Hillvale Rd

Decatur, GA – Car Wreck with Injuries at Covington Hwy & Hillvale Rd

Decatur, GA (November 24, 2022) – On November 24, a significant auto collision at a Decatur crossroads resulted in one or more injuries.

At the junction of Covington Highway and Hillvale Road, the collision occurred at 5:30 p.m., according to Decatur authorities. According to authorities, one of the drivers of the two cars that were in the vicinity entered the junction against the signal. They crashed into one other as a result, seriously damaging both vehicles.

Fire departments and paramedics from DeKalb County were rushed to the area to aid the injured. It’s thought that the accident injured one or more people, and the unidentified persons were transferred to nearby hospitals for medical attention. Their current status is still unknown, however.

The left lane of traffic and the center turn lane were blocked for about two hours, causing delays while the area was being cleaned up.

At this moment, the collision’s causes are still being looked into. The police will provide updates when new information becomes available.

We are thinking of the injured victims and their families.

Rate of Vehicle Collisions in Georgia

The number of auto accidents on Georgian highways seems to rise yearly. Every year, data on auto accidents and how many of them have an impact on people’s lives in the state are gathered by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Over 125,000 automobile accidents in Georgia resulted in injuries in only 2020, according to estimates from the Georgia Department of Transportation. Intersections are among the most hazardous locations, yet these incidents may occur everywhere. You should see a reliable lawyer if you were involved in a vehicle accident and suffered significant injuries.

Decatur, GA – Car Wreck with Injuries at Covington Hwy & Hillvale Rd

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After an accident, you have a bevy of legal alternatives, so you should see a Decatur personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

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