Consequences of a Hit and Run

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Operating a vehicle is a huge responsibility. People who get behind the wheel have an obligation to act ethically at all times. They need to be aware of what they’re doing at every single second. A slip can hurt or even kill someone. If someone is hurt as a result of a driver’s actions, they are obligated to stay at the scene and provide them with help.

Those who don’t can be held criminally and civically liable for their actions. In that, a hit and run attorney can make sure you are compensated. At Monge & Associates, we can also make sure that the person is held liable for their actions in every possible way.


Leaving the scene of an accident is considered a general criminal act. A hit and run can injure another person driving a car at the time of the accident or it can hurt a pedestrian. The kind of penalty that can be imposed varies by state.

In Georgia, drivers will often be charged with a misdemeanor charge. However, if someone has been injured seriously as a result of this driver’s actions, they can face more serious legal felony charges. If convicted, the driver may spend up to a year in prison for their actions.


In addition to criminal penalties, people who have been convicted of a hit and run in Georgia face a mandatory license suspension. Those with either a misdemeanor or felony must surrender their license to the state of Georgia for at least a year. If they have a prior record of drinking while intoxicated, officials may refuse to allow them to drive for as long as five years.

It is up to the driver to prove to the licensing board that they are capable of getting behind the wheel again without putting the public in danger. Officials at the board may even decide the person is no longer allowed to have a license ever again.


After a hit and run, the driver may also face all kinds of fiscal and civil penalties. They can be sued for failing to act responsibly. The injured party may sue them for damages including medical bills as well as pain and suffering. They can also sue the party responsible for damages to their own vehicle.

The state may also fine the driver for their actions. If the case goes to trial, a jury can choose to impose additional fines on the person responsible. This is particularly true if the person in question has a history of such reckless driving or has injured someone in the past as a result of their driving.


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