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November 22, 2020

Child Safety and Protection Month

Did you know that November is Child Safety and Protection Month? As parents, we know that our number 1 priority is keeping our kids safe. But, that is becoming increasingly more difficult as the world continues to change around us. Don’t worry, we’re here to share some tips and tricks to help you keep your most precious cargo safe!

Car Safety

No matter how safe of drivers we are, there are others out there who may not be as careful. That’s why car safety is so important!

  • Car Seats – Be sure that you have the correct car seat for you child based on their age and size. Just because they are getting older doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to upgrade their car seat. To ensure that their car seats are installed properly, have a trained car seat technician install it, your local government can help you find one!
  • Distracted Driving – Most of think of distracted driving as the texting and driving. But distracted driving can include many things including distractions caused by your little ones in the back seat. To help combat this prep snack and en-route entertainment prior to hitting the road.
  • Student Drivers – As your children get older, it will soon be their turn to get behind the wheel. It is so important for them to have ample training on traffic laws and drivers training. Enroll your student driver in a certified drivers training course to help them learn driving best practices.

Outdoor Safety

Playing outside is such an important part of childhood, but it can be a stressful part of parenthood. So, how can you keep your kiddos safe in the great wide open?

  • Playground – Before you let your kids climb on the playground, do a quick walk through and make sure everything is fully functioning and equipment isn’t too hot. Clear any hazards that are not meant for children at play
  • Water Safety – Here in Georgia, it can get HOT and a swim is the best way to cool down, but drowning is a leading cause of death in small children. To help avoid injury, never leave children near the water unattended and be sure to always have a ‘water watcher’ with both eyes on the water at all times.
  • In the Yard – Always remind children to never play near the street! When riding bikes or scooters, teach them to stay on the sidewalk and look both way before crossing the street. And NEVER forget your helmet and safety pads!

Internet Safety

The world is changing and now, EVERYONE is on the internet for the littlest of kids to their grandparents! But how to we keep them safe in this evolving world?

  • Games – Always check out the games your kids are playing. If they need an account to play, set it up yourself! Use an unidentifiable screen name to protect their identity.
  • Youtube and Videos – Prescreen any videos and playlists that your kids may be watching. With Youtube for Kids, it makes it a lot easier to protect them from inappropriate videos, but there is still a chance something might come up. A good trick is to create your own preset playlist with videos that you have already approved.
  • Stick to the Rules – As your kids get older, they will need more access to the World Wide Web. Draft a list of rules for them to abide by. You can take it one step further and make it a contract; if they want to use the internet, they have to follow the contract that you both sign and agree too.

Even if you follow all of these rules to a T, accidents can till happen and that’s why we’re here. We can help you get the BIG settlement that you and your family deserves from all types of injuries. From car accidents to playground falls and more. Because you want to win.