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November 23, 2020

Celebrating 25 Years Practicing Law by Spreading Love on Valentine’s Day

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Monge & Associates are proud to be practicing law for 25 years. To celebrate a significant occasion, we are giving a free gift on Valentine’s Day.

If you are interested in getting a free gift for Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2019, send an e-mail to info@Monge.Lawyer with the e-mail subject titled “Cheers to 25 Years”.

“Every day we see so many opportunities to give back to the community,” said founding attorney and CEO Scott Mange. “Our goal is to do as much good as we can positively impacting the lives of others.”

Monge & Associates— “The Georgia Hammer” —was founded in 1993 after Attorney Monge graduated from law school and rented a one-room office space. After 25 years of protecting the rights and best interests of our clients, our firm has grown to over 70 members who represent thousands of clients throughout the country and has become a nationally recognized personal injury law firm. We have been featured on television and published books, including “Secrets to Winning Your Personal Injury Case.”

Our legal team has always been devoted to our community, actively giving back whenever we have the opportunity. For example, Attorney Monge has contributed to charity programs which feed the homeless, provided new clothes to underprivileged families, gave backpacks to school students and hearing aids to seniors, as well as sponsor youth sports programs.

This month, we plan to expand our headquarters by approximately 6,000 square feet and add 20 new career positions. We are looking for lawyers, paralegals, case managers, and legal assistants who have positive attitudes and are passionate about helping others.

For more information about our Valentine’s Day giveaway or our legal services, contact us at 800-421-0174 today.