Can I File a Civil Claim for a Drunk Driving Accident

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Although driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense, victims of drunk driving accidents can file a civil claim against responsible parties as well. 

A criminal conviction in a DUI case is there to punish the perpetrator for putting their lives and those of other road users at risk. Civil claims, on the other hand, are meant to help victims recover any damages they might have suffered from a drunk driving accident 

If you were injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver, consider speaking with a drunk driving accident lawyer first to determine how to file a civil claim and how much settlement you can collect.

Who’s Responsible for my Injuries After a Drunk Driving Accident?

In any drunk driving accident, the impaired driver is usually liable for any injuries or lives lost. Every driver has a duty of care towards other road users to drive in a manner that doesn’t endanger lives. By getting behind the wheel drunk, the driver has breached their duty of care.

The next thing your attorney will prove is that the accident caused your injuries and resulted in other damages, such as property damage, lost wages, disabilities, physical pain, emotional distress, and so on. 

Another party that might be responsible for your injuries after a drunk driving accident is the establishment that sold alcohol to the driver. Under Georgia’s Dram Shop laws, a restaurant, pub, or nightclub that sells alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron could be held legally liable for resulting damages. Speak with a lawyer to determine whether this law applies to your case.  

Why You Should File a Civil Claim

To Recover Damages

An impaired driver has poor coordination, judgment, and slow reaction times. Accidents caused by drunk driving can be fatal or leave permanent and catastrophic injuries on the victims. These impacts can also extend to the victim’s family as they battle with the new reality. 

Filing a successful civil claim provides financial remedies to help you and your loved ones.

Achieve a Sense of Justice

Despite the common knowledge that drunk driving is dangerous, many people still get behind the wheel under the influence. It’s normal to want justice for you or your loved one after a drunk driving accident. 

Besides the criminal conviction, getting compensated can give you a sense that justice has been served.

To Prevent the Same From Happening to Other People

Besides compensatory damages, your civil claim might also qualify for punitive damages. Here, the court is punishing the defendant for gross or intentional negligence, while also making an example of them to society.  

This way, filing a civil claim for a drunk driving accident can help save other lives.  

Get Help from a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Now that you know it’s possible to file a civil claim against a drunk driver, it’s time to seek legal guidance. An attorney can investigate the accident on your behalf to identify all the responsible parties and hold them accountable.

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