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November 24, 2020

Atlanta’s Road Systems Changes This September

Scott Monge, founder of Monge & Associates, supports Atlanta’s upcoming speed limit changes. Beginning this September, the city of Atlanta has opted to operate the high-volume I-285 under new, variable speed limit signs. These signs will allow the city to adjust the posted speed limit based on several factors, including overall driving conditions, the flow of traffic and weather.

“I believe this is a significant step for the city,” said Scott Monge. “While the current speed limit is safe under regular driving conditions, it can be dangerous to operate a vehicle at the same speed under different circumstances.”

Such changes are likely to reduce the dangers during commutes. Atlanta is notorious for traffic congestion; altering the speed limit can help lessen congestion, therefore lowering the risk of potential automobile accidents.

“This is an ongoing problem in our community. I recall the snowstorm that brought our highway to a complete standstill in January and how it put a lot of drivers at risk. Altering the speed limit based on driving conditions does not guarantee this will not recur, but it gives the city the ability to lessen the effects of similar events in the future. I am an advocate for anything that protects our drivers,” added Monge.

The city proposed the idea due to variances in traffic speed among drivers. Vehicles have been reported driving significantly below the posted speed limit, while others exceed the speed limit by more than 20 miles per hour. The Georgia Department of Transportation hopes the new technology will bring more consistency among drivers’ speed, lowering rates of congestion.

Yet Monge warns that traffic accidents are a risk each time one enters a vehicle.

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