Atlanta, GA – Serious Car Wreck on I-75/85 at I-20 Leads to Injuries

Atlanta, GA - Serious Car Wreck on I-75/85 at I-20 Leads to Injuries

Atlanta, GA (December 24, 2022) – On Saturday, December 24, a multi-vehicle accident on a busy Atlanta route resulted in at least two injuries, according to Atlanta Police.

At 5:00 p.m., a collision happened on the I-75/85 between the I-20 transition ramp and the Downtown Connector. The Atlanta Police Department showed up there shortly thereafter, and the highway was immediately closed.

Since two or three people were harmed, emergency medical services in Atlanta had to be contacted. The injured were subsequently transported to a nearby hospital, though it is unknown how they are doing right now.

However, the APD’s schedule indicates that the inquiry should be finished this week.

At this time, our thoughts are with the injured victims in hopes of their recovery.

Auto Accident Statistics in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Transportation predicts that there will be at least 321,000 accidents this year. Approximately 1,500 individuals have perished as a consequence of these horrible events, while 115,000 more have been hurt.

Concussions, broken bones, and internal bleeding are among the most serious injuries that might result from multi-vehicle collisions. Keep in mind that each collision is different while you’re driving. For guidance that takes into account your situation, speak with our accident attorney.

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It may be difficult to accept the physical limitations that come with recovering from trauma. For instance, a hospital stay may need expensive medical care and time off work.

If you’ve been wounded, you should never communicate with insurance providers or other parties without a personal injury attorney present. Without legal counsel, it could be challenging to evaluate your case, provide the necessary proof on time, and bargain with the insurance provider for complete and correct payment. Filing a lawsuit against the person or parties at fault is one way to have your damages compensated. On the other hand, while evaluating your case, our personal injury attorneys will consider all of these factors in addition to others.

It’s conceivable that a vehicle collision will have lasting effects. Your ability to prove that the negligence of another driver brought on the collision will determine whether or not your claim is successful. However, you have control over the future. A personal injury lawyer could be able to help you with your problems.

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