Atlanta, GA – Multi-Car Collision, Injuries on I-285 at I-20

Atlanta, GA – Multi-Car Collision, Injuries on I-285 at I-20

Atlanta, GA (November 6, 2022) – On Sunday, November 6th, a multiple-vehicle crash happened on a local Atlanta road in Fulton County, resulting in injuries to a handful of victims.

According to Atlanta Police Department officers, the incident occurred at around 2:45 p.m., right before the area at I-20 from I-285 northbound. Three automobiles were traveling between two lanes on the right side of the road at the time of the collision. A rear-end collision reportedly occurred, inflicting severe damage to both automobiles.

First responders included firemen and emergency medical technicians. As a result of the event, one or more individuals were injured.

The right lanes and exit ramp were blocked for about an hour, causing significant traffic congestion in the region. Despite the continuing investigation into the accident’s cause, no more information has been provided.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Rate in Georgia

Numerous individuals are confronted annually with the terrible reality of automobile accidents. Hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents occur annually in Georgia as a result of reckless or negligent driving on the part of numerous drivers.

Atlanta, GA – Multi-Car Collision, Injuries on I-285 at I-20

According to the latest recent traffic statistics from the Georgia Department of Transportation, there will have been around 330,000 automotive accidents in Georgia alone by the end of 2020. Despite the coronavirus outbreak in our state, the disturbing trend of rising road accidents persists.

Due to these incidents, 125,000 people were injured, and 1,500 were killed. Due to factors such as texting and driving, drunk driving, and other dangers on our roads, automobile accidents may cost victims a great deal of money.

Those who have been injured should not have to worry about how they will pay for medical treatment while they recover. Consult with a lawyer who is concerned about your health and well-being if you were involved in a preventable vehicle accident. If you were involved in an automobile accident, you might have questions that can only be answered by an Atlanta car accident attorney.

Assume you are attempting to demonstrate that you were not at fault for an accident in which you were involved. Exists a deadline for the filing of a claim? What additional choices do you and your spouse have if you cannot come to an agreement? An Atlanta personal injury attorney can assist you in grasping the answers to these inquiries.

After sustaining a personal injury, it may be tough to adjust to new physical limits. Taking time away from work due to an illness or accident may be costly. After learning that your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, it may be difficult to achieve emotional equilibrium.

It may be difficult to estimate your personal injury claim without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Needless to say, your case may be strengthened if you retain a personal injury attorney to undertake the civil discovery procedure on your behalf.

A personal injury attorney at Monge & Associates can assist you in taking action. You may be able to recover your losses if you file a lawsuit against the individual who caused you harm. It may be tough to negotiate compensation with an insurance company; thus, you should consider our personal injury law firm’s services as soon as feasible.

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