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Atlanta Car Accident FAQ

Car accidents can be traumatizing, but the aftermath shouldn’t have to be. By educating yourself about what’s coming, and getting the right legal help, holding the liable party accountable for their negligence doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

With this in mind, we have compiled a quick FAQ, complete with some of the most pressing questions car accident survivors like you have had regarding their case. If there are additional questions you’d like to discuss that haven’t been answered here, contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer to schedule your free consultation. 

Will I have to go to court?

Every case is different. Some cases can be settled out of court or with the insurance company. Other times, going to court is the only way to ensure you are maximizing your injury settlement. Your lawyer can give you a better idea of what to expect after examining the details of your case. 

Doesn’t insurance cover my damages?

Georgia is a fault state for car accidents, so you’ll be filing a claim with the liable party’s insurer. Unfortunately, the amount that the insurance company must settle for will vary depending on the liable party’s insurance policy limits. 

However, insurance companies typically only cover medical expenses and property damages, without regard for other losses such as pain and suffering, lost quality of life, or lost income. 

The insurance company wants me to give a statement, should I?

No. The insurance company has the power to twist your words and make you seem liable for the accident. In communications with the insurance company, it’s better to have your lawyer provide a statement—that way your injury settlement isn’t in jeopardy. 

What if I’m partially responsible for the accident?

Georgia follows modified comparative fault laws, which means even if you share fault, you can still be awarded compensation. You will, however, need to be prepared for your award to be reduced in proportion to your percentage of shared fault. Injury victims who are more than 49 percent liable will not be entitled to compensation through a civil suit. 

How long does the claims process take?

There are far too many factors that can contribute to the length of a claim to give you a general idea. There are several steps along the way, including investigating, gathering evidence, negotiating with the insurance company, and then going through the court process. If you are interested in getting a more clear idea of how long it might be before you are awarded compensation, you must speak with your lawyer. 

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