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November 23, 2020

All About Hit and Run Accidents with a Pedestrian

The success of personal-injury lawsuits involving hit-and-runs depends on the ability of police to apprehend negligent drivers. However, this poses an obvious problem for investigators because drivers who flee the scene may not leave behind witnesses to the crime, especially if the victim dies or is injured severely enough that he or she cannot provide a description of the vehicle. This article will introduce the top-three ways police manage to arrest the drivers responsible for these accidents.

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1. Driver Surrender

The guilt of leaving a pedestrian injured in the road is often too much for some people to handle. In many cases, drivers choose to surrender after seeing the accident on the news and realizing the seriousness of the situation. When they do turn themselves in, these drivers often say that they panicked or thought they hit an animal in the road.

Delaware Online reports that police arrested a driver after he admitted to being involved in a car accident. Gabriel F. Pardo says he struck an object in the road and continued driving home. He claims he only began to realize he struck a person after seeing the story on the news; however, police say his vehicle sustained serious damage and had blood on the bumper, so it’s unlikely he didn’t know he had struck a pedestrian.

2. Anonymous Tips

There is a reason why police always call for the public’s help. Witnesses do not always know they saw something that could help police until seeing the news. For instance, a driver speeding with a damaged vehicle may not seem out of the ordinary until a neighbor hears there was a hit-and-run in the neighborhood.

According to WQAD News, police recently credited an anonymous tip for the arrest of a hit-and-run driver. Officers arrested Maria Romero, who later admitted to hitting the person and fleeing because she feared deportation.

3. Vehicle Location

Oftentimes, investigators can make guesses about the make and model of a vehicle based on pieces left behind in the road. Likewise, paint chips can indicate vehicle color, and the victim’s injuries can suggest what type of damage the vehicle sustained. Once investigators come up with a vehicle profile, every officer in the city will be on the lookout.

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