Why Speeding is a Factor in Many Chattanooga, Tennessee Auto Accidents

Speeding while operating a vehicle is a highly dangerous act. Despite there being legal road limits for every driver out there, so many people ignore them every single day. Speeding is a leading cause of auto accidents and deaths in the Chattanooga area. So, why is it so dangerous, and how do you move forward if your life has been impacted by a speeding driver in Tennessee? Monge & Associates explore the answers below.

The Most Common Causes of Speeding in Chattanooga

The Monge & Associates personal injury law office here in Chattanooga is one of two in Tennessee state. We see hundreds of speeding-related cases each year, and our attorneys are well-versed in how to navigate them for the best possible outcome. That is why we also understand the most common causes given by speeding drivers.


The defendant may claim to have been speeding because they were late for an appointment or similar. However, it is never worth driving too fast just to cut a few minutes off of your journey time. While it may be frustrating to miss out on an opportunity or affect your performance at work, being late is better than putting people at risk of dying or getting hurt.


Alcohol is a well-known factor that impairs judgment and brings out the worst decisions possible. If someone gets behind the wheel drunk, or under the influence of another toxic substance, they are not in the best frame of mind to drive and do it safely. Speeding is, therefore, much more likely than any other circumstance.

Distracted Driving

Speeding is also very common in drivers who may not have been giving the road their full attention. They might have been looking at their phone, talking to a friend, or having some kind of daydream while driving. Whatever the case, when someone is not paying attention, they can’t possibly know what speed they are doing, and the risk increases.

Night-Time Driving

People driving at night are often more tempted to speed because the roads are emptier and there are fewer hazards compared to a busy rush hour. However, the decreased visibility and increased chance of drunk drivers mean night-time driving and speeding are often a fatal combination.

How Does Speeding Impact Safety?

Driving too fast impacts lots of things, the biggest of all being the safety of the driver, passengers, and other people in the immediate environment. For instance, if a crash happens, then everyone involved will be more likely to suffer from a serious injury or even death.

Visibility Factors

When a car driver is speeding, there is no real way that they will be able to perceive their surroundings in the way that is required of safe driving. Going too fast means the road will be a blur and key things like hazards and pedestrian crossings or other important signage will be largely missed. This puts lives at risk and increases the likelihood of making a costly driving mistake.

Control Considerations

A high-speed vehicle is impossible to control safely on any standard road. Going too fast means you won’t be able to respond as well, move with the required precision, or do things like come to an emergency stop safely.

What Are the Consequences of Speeding Vehicles

The consequences of speeding have been discussed above, but what really happens in the aftermath? The driver will face penalties if they are caught, and the victim may be looking at life without a loved one or facing the traumatic experience of surviving a catastrophic injury.

What Are the Rules in Tennessee?

If you live in Chattanooga or were a victim of an accident there, it’s good to have the facts. In Tennessee, drivers must adhere to 15 MPH in marked school zones, and 65 MPH on the majority of highways. Some highways and freeways allow people to travel up to 70 MPH but anything over this is illegal and will be a chargeable offence. In Chattanooga, all drivers must adhere to these rules and drive safely at all times if they want to avoid being pulled over and having their license suspended or being fined.

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