Why Ignoring Vehicle Recalls in South Carolina Could Lead to Wrongful Death

According to various reports, over 200,000 vehicles in South Carolina are still on the road despite having a “do not drive” classification. This classification means that they should have been returned to the manufacturer or taken to an authorized service center so a technician can deal with the reason for the recall.

While there is no legal obligation to return a car that has been recalled – it is a voluntary action – it does come with serious consequences. The most severe is wrongful death, which you could be sued for. Our car accident attorney in Charleston, SC can help if you’re injured in a wreck caused by a recalled vehicle. Let’s look at the additional dangers of ignoring a recall.

Fires and Explosions

When the reason for the recall is the risk of fire, the vehicles affected are designated “park outside”. This means their owners have to keep them as far away from any property as possible until they get the issue fixed.

If you ignore this warning and do not take your car for the necessary repairs, you risk the lives of everyone in the vicinity. Anyone living in a house where a vehicle explodes can suffer catastrophic injuries that lead to fatalities. Even when an explosion does not occur, the house could catch on fire, leading to someone being trapped inside and succumbing to their injuries and the fire elements.

A driver behind the wheel at the time of the fire can also get seriously injured if they cannot escape in time. Any family that loses their loved one like this can sue for wrongful death or file a product defect lawsuit. It is best to work with an experienced attorney because cases involving facing a giant corporation can be intimidating. We can provide the assistance you need, and you can visit our offices in one of our 32 locations across 19 states, including South Carolina, Arizona, Washington, and Alabama.

Vehicles are More Likely to Get into an Accident

Many vehicle recalls are due to defects or faults in crucial parts that help drivers remain in control of their vehicles. Several vehicles have been recalled in the recent past due to faulty brakes. If a driver cannot stop one because its brakes are not working, they are likely to get into an accident.

This happens because they cannot stop it in time or have enough traction to avoid road users. Such a driver can cause property damage if they hit a building, but they can also cause pedestrian accidents or injure other road users.

Besides brake failure, recalled vehicles also often have steering column and system issues. As with the brakes, the steering system is crucial for controlling a vehicle. The biggest problem when it fails is the inability to keep it going straight and avoid any obstacles you encounter.

More dangerous still, braking a vehicle at a high rate of speed without having steering control is dangerous because it can lead to a rollover accident. This is especially dangerous in commercial vehicle accidents because of their weight and speed.

Turn and Intersection Accidents Can Be Fatal

Drivers communicate with other drivers in different ways, including using their turn signals. These signals indicate their intentions and where they want to go. Manufacturers have recalled vehicles with defective electrical systems that caused the tail and braking lights to not work.

If other drivers do not know which way you are turning by not having your blinkers on, they may assume you are going straight. They might then try to pass you going at an acceptable but higher rate of speed. Such accidents are dangerous if you are turning left because you may find yourself dangerously exposed to oncoming traffic. By absorbing the impact of a head-on collision, you and your passengers are at risk of severe injuries.

Check Whether Your Vehicle is Recalled

Just like you are not obligated to respond to a recall, a seller is not obligated to tell you the vehicle has been recalled. There is a case to be made if the seller knew it was dangerous when they sold it, and you can discuss this with an attorney if you get into an accident driving such a car.

However, you can check a vehicle’s status using the NHTSA recall tool that tells you if it has been recalled, when it was recalled, and the issues that necessitated a recall. You can then get it repaired and protect yourself, your loved ones, and those around you.

Vehicle recalls are a crucial part of keeping owners and road users safe. Ignoring them is never a good idea because issues can occur at any time leading to serious accidents and even fatalities. Losing a loved one because someone ignored a recall is devastating, and you can file a lawsuit to seek compensation.

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