Who’s At Fault If a Car Hits Your Bicycle in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Car Hits Your Bicycle

Last year alone, nearly 100 people were seriously injured or died in bicycle related automobile incidents in Utah. These events are understandably traumatic, but who is really to blame when something like this takes place? The truth is, this must be figured out with a professional Salt Lake City personal injury attorney by your side, and Monge & Associates have the experience needed to help.

What Are the Big Risks for Salt Lake City Cyclists?

Bicyclists face many threats in Salt Lake City when they are riding on Utah roads. There is a high risk that they can be involved in a serious collision at any moment, regardless of whether they cause it or another road user is to blame. The majority of major accidents tend to occur in downtown Salt Lake City, and it is purely down to the fact that there is a high density of people riding bikes to travel from A to B. The more people there are, the higher the risk. However, volume alone is not enough to pose a major threat, and here are some of the main causes of injury and death in Utah for bike riders.

Drunk Drivers

Drunk drivers are a threat in any state, as we at Monge & Associates know this only too well. So many of our cases across our 31 locations concern alcohol abuse behind the wheel and cyclists are unfortunately often caught in the crossfire. There is little you can do if someone decides to get into a vehicle and drink while under the influence, and the fact is your life may be in danger if you get in their way. If a driver is found to be drinking, they will take the fall for the liability.

Distracted Driving

There are plenty of things that can distract a person operating any kind of vehicle. Mobile phones are the biggest thing, for example, people texting or checking calls while driving, because all it takes is three seconds to hit someone or something and then it’s game over. When a vehicle like a truck is involved, the outcome can be extremely grave indeed.

Cyclist and truck incidents always come with big consequences, but if the rider is found to have entered the No Zone, for instance, they may be held accountable to a certain extent in the insurance claim or further personal injury suit. This is regardless of whether the truck driver was using a mobile phone or distracted in some other way.

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