Which Car Manufacturer Issues the Most Recalls and Why?

When you purchase a vehicle, the hope is that it’s reliable and safe for many years to come. What car owners don’t factor in are manufacturer issues recalls, which can seemingly come out of nowhere. While recalls don’t cost the owner anything, they can pose a safety risk which can even be serious at times. But have you ever stopped to wonder which car manufacturers issue the most recalls and why? Here’s a guide for Utah drivers that will help you navigate the rather confusing waters of car manufacturer recalls. Our personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City can help if you need to pursue legal actions against a car manufacturer.


This is a list that Ford isn’t exactly happy to be on top of, as this is the car manufacturer that issued the most recalls in 2022. The company issued a total of 67 recalls over the year, which impacted 8.63 million cars. So, if you’re a Ford driver in Utah, there is a good chance you were affected last year. Not only is the number of recalls high, but they accounted for more than double the vehicles of any other manufacturer’s recalls.

Volkswagen Group

Coming in second for the most recalls of 2022, Utah drivers who own a Volkswagen may have been affected as the manufacturer issued 45. While that is a pretty high number of recalls, theirs affected much fewer drivers than Ford’s at just over one million.


FCA/Stellantis comes in third for 2022 with 38 recalls issued. This is the manufacturer that makes and sells such big names as Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, Dodge, Ram and more. While it had fewer recalls than Volkswagen Group, the number of vehicles affected was much higher, coming in at just over three million, which means some Utah drivers were bound to have been issued a recall.

What If You’re Injured Due to a Vehicle Defect

Unfortunately, these recalls don’t always get issued in time. If you’ve been in a car accident due to a vehicle defect, you must take the right steps to protect yourself. Medical bills can add up fast and you may be unable to work. Injuries can be slow to heal, and if they are serious, there may be permanent issues that affect your future earnings and your quality of life. You may have a strong personal injury claim wherein you can ask for compensation.

We advise you to contact us at Monge & Associates as soon after the accident as possible and speak to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. We will discuss all your options, advise you on how we would approach your personal injury claim and help you figure out the next steps. We want you to focus on your recovery and we’ll take care of all the stressful claim details.

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