What Are Your Rights if You Are Injured by an Amazon Delivery Driver in Georgia Because of Poor Vehicle Maintenance?

Being injured in an auto accident is often traumatic because of injuries, financial stress, and emotional distress, which is why you deserve compensation. But what happens if you’re struck by an Amazon delivery driver with a poorly maintained car in Georgia? The most obvious option would be contacting Amazon customer care and attempting to file an insurance claim because this should be covered under employee liability, but it isn’t that simple. Amazon rarely hires its own delivery drivers, which makes claiming compensation feel like mission impossible. To find out what your rights are and how we can help you, continue reading.

Statistics for Amazon Delivery Driver Crashes in Georgia

Amazon relies on a speedy network of drivers to meet the demands of their Prime delivery promises, which means there’s mounted pressure to drive hastily. According to CNBC, almost 1 in 5 Amazon delivery drivers sustained injuries following a collision in 2021, which means the true number of accidents, injuries, and potential fatalities in Georgia is likely much higher.

Qualifying for an Amazon Delivery Accident Case

After being struck by a poorly maintained Amazon delivery vehicle and sustaining injuries, our team of commercial auto accident attorneys is here to investigate and present your case to the relevant liable parties. Our first priority is always you, which is why we take every measure possible to ensure you receive a fair settlement that reflects all damages.

If you manage to wade through the complexities of Amazon’s insurance policies alone, please don’t sign anything before hiring one of our attorneys. In fact, we advise having a lawyer before approaching any insurance representative because it will show Amazon and other parties that you mean business, which means you’re unlikely to be offered a substandard settlement.

Before moving forward with an Amazon delivery driver accident claim, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Was the Amazon delivery driver wholly/mostly at fault, whether because of their actions or the state of the vehicle?
  2. Did you sustain injuries as a direct result of the accident?

Following medical assessments, you will know if you suffered injuries during the accident. However, you most likely won’t know how much the Amazon delivery driver was at fault, especially if the accident was caused by poor vehicle maintenance.

This is where our lawyers will step up by investigating the accident from every perspective. We have 32 offices spread over 19 states including Georgia, Arizona, and Florida, so don’t delay in paying us a visit.

Dissecting Amazon’s Web of Insurance

The process following an accident involving an Amazon delivery driver is pretty much the same as any other. You wait for the police to show up, collect information for the driver/witnesses, take pictures of the scene, have a medical assessment, and file a claim for compensation. This may appear clear-cut, but the final step is guaranteed to trip you up without an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer on your team.

Amazon sources drivers through Amazon Flex and Amazon Delivery Service Partners, which means there’s a nightmarish web of contracts and insurance policies to break down before filing a claim. Given that Amazon outsources most of its delivery drivers, each case will likely involve different regulations and policies, but it’s safe to say Amazon itself largely negates responsibility for Amazon delivery driver accidents caused by poor vehicle maintenance.

When a driver works through the Amazon Flex system, there may be suitable comprehensive and contingent collision coverage, liability coverage, and underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. When a Flex driver is to blame, the insurance policy will cover up to $1 million for medical expenses and property damage. However, Amazon Flex drivers have to opt for collision and comprehensive coverage – it’s not automatically given.

Given the complex nature of Amazon’s delivery driver policies, many of them are innocently unaware that they have no cover through Amazon. In these cases, their lawyer will most likely attempt to put pressure on you to settle for an unfair figure. Get in touch with our team to guarantee your rights are safeguarded. Remember, a simple consultation won’t cost you anything, so come and see what we’re made of.

It doesn’t matter if an accident is caused by poor Amazon driver vehicle maintenance or other actions; injuries sustained will have a detrimental impact on your life. You don’t deserve to suffer and embrace financial turmoil because of negligence. Regardless of the circumstances, you have the right to claim compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim.

If you’ve been struck by a poorly maintained Amazon delivery vehicle, call now for a free consultation on 800-421-0174.