Legal Remedies for Victims of Defective Vehicles in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama has some of the highest rates of occurrence regarding defective vehicle faults. These victims, often ranking in their thousands, need support to get the justice they so rightly deserve. A Birmingham car accident attorney may be able to assist you if you were sold a dangerously defective vehicle. Read on to learn more about potential legal options for those who purchased a defective vehicle.

What Counts as a Defective Vehicle?

For a vehicle to be defective in the eyes of a manufacturer, it has to present with a fatal type of flaw that could not possibly be the fault of anybody else. This must be an engineering problem or something to do with the general features of the vehicle. There are lots of reasons why a car might be classed as broken, but only a handful that can be put down to manufacturing concerns. So, what do you need to know?

Brakes Are a Big One

Monge & Associates see a lot of clients come through our doors who have suffered from faulty brakes. There are not many other reasons that support faulty brakes that are not directly linked to how the vehicle was put together, so this is almost always a manufacturing liability issue. However, if you have suffered in an accident as a direct result of faulty brakes, then we will support you through a conversation about what happened and which bits of evidence you have to support that notion.

Safety Belt Thoughts

Similarly, when a safety belt doesn’t do its job properly, then everyone is at risk! It is always wise to ensure all of the belts both fit and fit well for yourself as the driver and all of the passengers in your car.

Lots of Airbag Issues

Last but not least, there are a bunch of different reasons as to why the airbag could be seen as dysfunctional. First of all, it might not deploy properly during a crash and lead to severe burns or other crushing injuries to bones and facial features. Secondly, it could deploy at a random time when you aren’t expecting it, and its force will also cause severe breaks and noticeable burns. Lastly, it may not deploy enough, which is just like having another crash victim in your car.

What Legal Action Can You Pursue

You can pursue a product liability case if you feel there is justification to do so. Talk to Monge & Associates at our office in Birmingham, Alabama to find out more about the process. Note that the Monge & Associates office here in Birmingham is one of 32 locations in 19 different states including Florida, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and more.

This guide will break down the process into simple steps, but there is always more information to be gathered.

You Can Collect Evidence

Every product liability case requires evidence. Without it, it will be impossible to move forward or get anything done at all because the case will be immediately dismissed out of the door. Evidence means that we have something that shows in no uncertain terms that the car or vehicle suffered from a fault and this fault was down to the manufacturing process.

Conducting Research

It is always a good idea to figure out if there are other consumers like you ready and waiting in the wings to make a similar case. The more people there are stating similar claims, the increased chance of it actually breathing life into viable outcomes. It is easier than ever to get the ball rolling on this type of thing, but conducting research is your best option.

What If You Were Seriously Injured?

Should it be the case that you sustained serious and catastrophic injuries as a result of product liability, you will be able to state this in the legal process. As long as you have things like medical records, clear links to the accident, and additional evidence such as witness statements, this is all an acceptable part of the proceedings to pursue.

When Wrongful Death Is a Factor

Unfortunately, defects have a strong tie to wrongful death. Crash fatalities are higher than ever, which is a sad fact but a true one. Our team will talk to you with both compassion and legal expertise to get to the heart of the matter.

At Monge & Associates, we appreciate that this will be a difficult legal process to navigate and that is why we offer our services to anybody in this position. There will be lots to do, but we are confident that we can handle the case.

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