The Importance of Motorcycle Maintenance in Preventing Accidents in Iowa

Proper motorcycle maintenance is critical for keeping riders safe on Iowa’s roads. When bikes are well-maintained, riders are less likely to experience mechanical failures or other issues that can lead to accidents. In this article, we’ll explore some key maintenance tips riders in Iowa should follow and why working with a Des Moines personal injury lawyer is important if an accident still occurs.

Perform Routine Inspections and Service

One of the most important things riders can do is perform routine inspections and service on their motorcycles. This includes activities like:

  • Checking tire tread depth and pressure
  • Inspecting brake pads/rotors for wear
  • Changing oil and filters as specified in the bike’s manual
  • Lubricating the drive chain and throttle cables
  • Testing and charging the battery
  • Examining brake fluid levels

By completing basic maintenance like this between long rides or every few months, riders ensure critical components on their bikes remain in good working condition. Catching minor issues early on helps prevent them from escalating into major problems that could lead to accidents down the road.

Conduct Pre-Ride Checks Before Every Trip

In addition to periodic service, riders also need to do pre-ride checks before every trip. This involves taking 5-10 minutes to thoroughly inspect the bike and make sure everything looks good before taking off.

Some key things to check include:

  • Tire pressure
  • Tread depth (for signs of uneven wear or damage)
  • Leaks under the bike (could indicate issues with oil, brake fluid, etc.)
  • Proper brake operation
  • Throttle action
  • Headlights/taillights/signals to ensure they are working

Doing these inspections every time greatly reduces the likelihood of being caught off guard by a mechanical problem mid-trip. This helps prevent situations where a rider needs to abruptly pull off the road or loses control due to sudden brake failure or other issues.

Replace Parts Before They Fail

Finally, riders should preemptively replace wear-and-tear parts before they fail completely. Brake pads, oil filters, spark plugs, and tires should be swapped based on manufacturers’ recommendations. Trying to squeeze every last mile out of components puts riders at risk of them failing unexpectedly.

By replacing parts ahead of time, riders ensure any underlying issues get corrected. This prevents part failures at the worst possible time, helping Iowa riders get to where they need to go safely.

Get an Attorney’s Help If an Accident Happens

While proper maintenance greatly reduces risks on the road, motorcycle accidents can still happen even to the most safety-conscious riders. If riders end up injured because of another motorist’s negligence, working with a personal injury attorney should become an immediate next step.

Personal injury lawyers have the expertise to handle motorcycle cases in Iowa, including identifying all liable parties, gathering evidence, calculating damages, and negotiating fair settlements. This provides the best chance for injured riders to recover damages for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Proper motorcycle maintenance keeps Iowa’s riders safe, while working with personal injury lawyers protects them if accidents occur. Follow essential service best practices and don’t hesitate to contact us if the need arises down the road. We have offices in 32 locations in 19 states including Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee. You can call us for a free consultation on (888) 477-0597.