The Dangers of Ignoring a Recall in Florida

Ignoring an automotive recall can have serious, even fatal, consequences. Yet many Florida drivers fail to promptly address recalls, putting themselves and others at risk. This article examines the dangers of overlooking recalls and aims to convince readers not to delay critical repair work. For additional assistance after a crash, speak to a Panama City Beach personal injury lawyer.

The Risks of Unfixed Recalls

Recalls address defects that impact safety, from faulty airbags to loose steering wheels. Driving an unrepaired recalled car raises the chances of:

  • Crashes: Defects like failed brakes or detached hoods directly cause accidents.
  • Injuries: Unsafe vehicles lead to more injuries in crashes that do occur. Faulty seats or tangled seatbelts endanger occupants.
  • Death: Ignoring serious defects causes fatalities in otherwise survivable collisions. Takata airbags have been linked to over 20 deaths.
  • Legal issues: It may constitute negligence to continue operating a car with a known safety defect. This impacts liability after a crash.

Why Do Florida Drivers Delay Repairs?

Despite the risks, many drivers do not promptly complete recall repairs. Reasons for delay include:

  • Inconvenience: Getting repair work done takes time many lack. This issue grows with backlogged dealers during major recalls.
  • Cost concerns: While most fixes are free, some drivers worry about costs like rental cars during service. This stops action even on serious issues.
  • Complacency: Without a noticeable problem, drivers underestimate dangers from latent defects like Takata airbags.

The results demonstrate ignoring recalls is unwise. Still, understanding why repairs stall can help guide better decisions.

When Automakers Fail Their Duty

Automakers issue recalls to correct defects they should have addressed before sale. Every unfixed recall signals that an automaker failed their responsibility. As profits set records, delayed recalls persist, including:

  • GM ignition switches: GM knew of switch issues for over a decade before recalling millions of vehicles in 2014. The defect caused over 120 fatalities.
  • Takata airbags: Takata airbags were prone to explode violently on deployment due to degraded propellant. Over 67 million remain unrepaired years into the recall.
  • Ford transmissions: Harsh shifting in Ford transmissions frustrated owners for years before large-scale recalls commenced. Drivers faced reliability issues Ford should have resolved sooner through design changes.

The chronic failure of automakers to quickly and fully address known defects keeps dangerous cars on Florida’s roads. Better safety cultures and regulations are needed to protect motorists.

Do not let inconvenience or complacency lead to disaster. Contact your dealer today to schedule recall repairs, especially for serious issues like airbags or brakes. Remove the danger from your daily commute as soon as possible.

Ignoring recalls significantly endangers Florida drivers and road users. Yet holding automakers accountable when their cost-cutting negligence contributes to deaths and injuries is difficult without legal guidance from Monge & Associates. Protect yourself and your family by promptly repairing recalled vehicles and knowing your options if an unsafe model leads to a devastating crash.

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