The Dangers of Being a Pedestrian at Night in Denver, Colorado


The Colorado Department of Transportation reported that 111 pedestrians lost their lives in 2022. This represents a jump of 18 people from 2021, with the department noting that pedestrian fatalities have been trending upward in recent years. According to data from research groups, a significant number of these pedestrian deaths happened at night, making Denver, Colorado very dangerous for nighttime pedestrians. In this article, we will look at the reasons why this is true. If an accident occurs, call a Denver personal injury attorney as soon as you are physically able to.

Poor Visibility

Humans have a much smaller silhouette compared to vehicles. This fact makes them much harder to see at night unless they are wearing reflective or brightly colored clothing. With limited light at night, drivers who do not use their high beams do not see pedestrians until they are too close to do anything.

This issue is further compounded by the fact that humans have poor peripheral vision. It is much harder for us to discern things in our peripheral vision than those in front of us, and this issue becomes more pronounced at night.

Many pedestrians do not cross the road directly in front of cars. Instead, they enter it to the side of the driver’s peripheral vision. The pedestrian can stay in the driver’s peripheral vision until the driver sees them at the last second.

Such pedestrians are likely to get struck by a vehicle at night because most people focus more intently on what’s ahead when there is little light around and when driving at night.

Dangerous Vehicle Designs

About 80% of people living in Colorado use trucks to get around and transport various items. The number of SUVs and trucks in Denver, Colorado is also high and is a contributory factor to pedestrian accidents at night.

Most of these vehicles are taller and bigger, meaning they have many more blind spots than smaller cars. When you pair those blind spots with the limited visibility at night, you can start to understand why these vehicles cause a significant number of pedestrian accidents at night.

Being bigger also means these vehicles are heavier. Heavier vehicles are much harder to stop and carry more momentum. These facts mean they cause serious injuries when they strike pedestrians.


Speeding is a significant contributory factor to pedestrian accidents. Some people think they can speed down a road at night because no one else is on the road, or because they need to get home faster to end their day.

Such blatant disregard for the law means they are more likely to cause an accident. They are also more likely to cause serious injuries and even fatalities if they strike a pedestrian at night when their visibility is low.

A speeding car requires a long distance to stop and is less maneuverable. If a pedestrian appears seemingly out of nowhere, the driver will either have too little time to stop, thereby hitting them. The other options will be to swerve to avoid them and end up hitting other people or destroying property.

Pedestrians injured by speeding drivers in Denver, Colorado are within their rights to sue for damages. This damage can result from immediate injuries, medical bills, short- and long-term rehabilitation, loss of income, and much more.

You can talk to one of our attorneys at Monge & Associates for help filing a lawsuit for damages. We have offices in 32 locations and 19 states, including Colorado, Tennessee, and Ohio, so you can always find one of our attorneys nearby.

Many Pedestrians Do Not Pay Attention to Their Surroundings

Another danger to nighttime pedestrians in Denver, Colorado is not paying attention. Many people use their smartphones while working and focus on their screens instead of what is happening around them. They may cross a road just as a vehicle approaches, causing a serious accident.

Another common reason people do not pay attention is listening to music while walking. Loud music makes it much harder to hear what is happening. A pedestrian with their headphones or earphones on will not hear a vehicle approaching or honking at them to get out of the road.

Ignoring Traffic Lights

Like speeding, many drivers ignore traffic lights late at night when they think no one else is using the road. Ignoring traffic lights is especially dangerous at intersections where a driver cannot see all directions and where there is a chance a pedestrian will try to cross the road.

Pedestrians injured in such accidents might have a hard time proving what color the light was at the time of the accident. Hiring a personal injury attorney means they will look into it for you and establish the incident’s other facts to strengthen your lawsuit.

The number of pedestrian accidents in Denver, Colorado is increasing, and the trend is apparent among nighttime pedestrians. There are several reasons for this, with many of them having to do with driver recklessness and negligence. You have a right to sue for damages, and our attorneys at Monge & Associates can help.

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