Zachary Pole is a proud graduate of Catawba College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Education. He earned his Law degree from Charlotte School of Law. Zachary is not just an attorney; he is a relentless advocate for those facing adversity, particularly in the face of powerful insurance companies.

Zachary’s commitment to representing injured parties is underscored by his notable success in securing a substantial six-figure settlement for a client’s case turned down by six other law firms. His dedication to justice goes beyond the expected, creating a path forward for those who thought they had none.

Beyond legal accomplishments, Zachary carries a great hope for self-recognition among individuals. He believes in embracing the shared human experience of pain, hardship, failures, and successes. His aspiration is for people to treat one another with humility, dignity, and respect, focusing on character rather than outer measures of success.

Zachary’s life lessons resonate with the belief that life is not fair, yet through sacrifice, dedication, and a positive attitude, one can accomplish anything. Raised in Salisbury, North Carolina, by business-owner parents, Zachary draws inspiration from their wisdom and strives to embody their values in his role as a parent.

As a distinguished member of the North Carolina State Bar and West Virginia State Bar, Zachary’s legal expertise spans multiple jurisdictions. This broad reach allows him to extend his advocacy to individuals facing challenges in both North Carolina and West Virginia.

The strongest influences in Zachary’s life are his wife and children, who inspire him to be a better person each day. His children, including a son who fought a rare form of brain cancer, are the strong force for his dedication to family and service. Despite the pain of loss, Zachary and his wife established a non-profit to support families facing similar challenges to turn tragedy into positivity through non-profit work.

Living life one day at a time, Zachary defines accomplishment as being a loving “dad,” “husband,” “son,” and “friend.” His advocacy extends beyond the courtroom, enjoying quality time with his beautiful family by going on boating, beach outings, and shared dinners.

In Zachary Pole, you find more than an attorney; you discover a compassionate warrior, dedicated to uplifting others and leaving a positive mark on the world.

Active licenses to practice law in: Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia