Kate graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Government. Then, went on to receive her law degree from Ohio Northern College. Complementing her legal expertise, Kate also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History Education.

Throughout her career, Kate has had the privilege of participating in jury trials and presenting cases in the Court of Appeals with successful outcomes. Her dedication to her clients is evident in the number of returning clients who appreciate the excellent service she provides.

One standout success story from Kate’s career involved a trip and fall case where liability was initially denied. Despite challenging circumstances, Kate’s innovative approach and determination led to a resolution in the mid-six figures. This achievement left the client thrilled and has resulted in continued contact and appreciation.

Kate is an active member of both the Georgia Bar Association and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association. She aims to persist in engaging in work that ignites her passion while simplifying complicated and dreadful legal scenarios for her clients. She believes that each client’s trust is a significant compliment and approaches every case with commitment and determination.

Growing up in a small town in Southeastern Ohio, Kate’s parents, both involved in the legal field, instilled in her the values of standing up for what’s right and making a difference. They also nurtured her love for the law through their passion for serving clients. Kate has one half-sister who was already an adult when she was born, and she cherishes spending time with her family, including her two daughters and pets.

Outside of her legal career, Kate enjoys reading, watching true crime shows, and has recently taken up playing pickleball. One of the most significant joys in her life has been the birth of her two daughters, and she aspires to someday fulfill her dream of cage diving with sharks.

With a persistent commitment to her clients and a passionate spirit for adventure, Kate is ready to take on any challenge that comes her way, promising success and a meaningful journey ahead.

Active licenses to practice law in: Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia