JD began at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, graduating with a BA in Philosophy—a foundation that laid the groundwork for his analytical expertise. His legal aspirations led to Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he earned his law degree. The grit and determination he developed have been defining attributes in his legal career.

JD expanded my perspectives by graduating from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, also in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a M.Div. degree. This accomplishment reflects a profound dedication to his spiritual and intellectual growth.

A track record of published cases in appellate courts enhances my legal experience. Notably, the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court have recognized my expertise in various matters—ranging from navigating the enforcement of HOA rules amid health considerations to addressing liability for dog owners, deciphering no-fault jurisdictional limits, and resolving intricate insurance coverage inquiries. Additionally, my involvement has extended beyond state lines; while a jury decision I handled was addressed by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, I’ve recently presented before the Court of Appeals in Missouri. While the publication status of the latter cases remains to be confirmed, my commitment to delivering impactful legal insights remains firm.

I achieved an unforeseen outcome for a client by declining a substantial settlement proposal from the insurance company. Ultimately, the jury’s trial assessment yielded damages that exceeded the settlement offer by more than 200%.

I have been honored with recognition as a SuperLawyer and as a Top 100 lawyer across multiple states. My excellence as a Trial Master underscores my extensive legal expertise, which is further reflected in my outstanding 10.0 rating on the AVVO attorney rating service and recognition by Expertise.com. Notably, I am the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from America’s Top 100 Attorneys, a testament to my enduring dedication to the legal profession.

My commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond awards. I was acknowledged as the housing court volunteer attorney of the year by the Volunteer Lawyers Network. Additionally, my ethical standards have been recognized; I emerged as a finalist for the Torch Award for Ethics by the Minnesota and North Dakota Better Business Bureau, ultimately securing the Torch Award for Ethics.

Born in the charming town of Warren, Minnesota, near the borders of North Dakota and Canada, I hail from humble beginnings. My father’s role as a school superintendent and my mother’s dual role as a homemaker and librarian shaped my upbringing. As the youngest of seven children, I was raised in various small towns across Southwestern Minnesota, following my father’s postings as superintendent.

Throughout my life, my family has been a constant wellspring of inspiration. Their influence has played an instrumental role in shaping my values and aspirations.

I’m a proud parent to two wonderful children: Jackson, my son, and Madeline, my daughter. I dedicate my free moments by working on home improvement projects, tending to my yard, and nurturing my relationship with my partner, Jennie.

In my professional journey, several lawyers have generously supported my growth. Each lawyer I’ve worked with or faced in court has taught me something valuable. Every client, whether on my side or the opposite, has offered insights. I’ve also learned much from co-workers, family, and friends.

Among life’s blessings, the most cherished has been the privilege of sharing a life packed with meaningful connections. My journey has been developed by the presence of precious friends and family, culminating by experiences that continue to shape and define me.

Active licenses to practice law in: California, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.