“I will provide a forthright assessment of the matter, set specific expectations, communicate often, and work diligently to seek great outcomes.”

Adam’s drive and resourcefulness surfaced early when at age 16, he pursued a scholarship opportunity and enlisted with the Navy.

The Navy taught him the discipline and managerial and team-building skills that he draws on when helping clients.  The Navy also instilled in him an appreciation for loyalty and an understanding of how his actions impact others. He knows that the decisions made in his cases can profoundly impact clients’ lives, so he sets expectations early, communicates often, and strives for innovative solutions. Navy career took him to far away locations, such as the Arctic Circle, Africa, the Middle East, and Israel.

Adam successfully handled complex litigation with a concentration in legal processes like e-discovery management and document review, as well as with trial technology support and trial management software. Adam’s shared his knowledge of e-discovery in classes for other attorneys and as an expert litigation witness.

Adam and his wife have enjoyed supporting their sons’ successes in the marching arts and watching them learn leadership skills while nurturing their musical talents. When not traveling to marching arts competitions, Adam and his wife like to give back to their community.  While his wife, a 3rd grade teacher, tutors children, Adam likes to spend his time off work offering planning solutions to school teachers.