Sudden Acceleration and Other Critical System Failures: Manufacturer Accountability in Tennessee

Sudden unintended acceleration events and other critical vehicle system failures can have devastating consequences. When these system failures result in accidents and injuries, victims and their families are often left wondering if automakers could have done more to prevent these tragedies. In Tennessee, accident victims do have legal options to pursue manufacturer accountability. A personal injury lawyer in Nashville can help your family recover fair compensation after a preventable collision.

What Qualifies as a Critical System Failure?

Critical vehicle systems are those components that are essential for safe functioning and operation while driving. Some examples of these vital systems include:

  • Accelerator/gas pedal system – The gas pedal controls how much fuel enters the engine to accelerate the vehicle. Defects can cause sudden unintended acceleration incidents. Sticky pedals that do not return to an idle position properly or pedals impacted by loose floor mats are common issues.
  • Braking system – Brakes slowing and stopping vehicles are fundamental to control. Brake defects like contaminated fluid, leaking hoses, glazed rotors, and problematic anti-lock brake system (ABS) sensors can negatively impact braking ability.
  • Steering system – Safe steering requires proper tire tread, suspension, wheel alignment, power steering components, and more. If any of these are defective, drivers can experience delayed steering, inability to turn, loss of control, or unpredictable steering issues.
  • Airbags and seatbelts – These supplementary restraint systems are the last line of defense in a collision. When defects stop airbags from inflating properly or seatbelt retractors and buckles are flawed, injury severity escalates.
  • Tire tread and monitoring systemsBald tires and those susceptible to blowouts increase chances of rollovers and skidding-related collisions. Tire pressure monitoring systems not alerting drivers of low inflation also raises risks.

When flaws in the design, components, sensors, software, or manufacturing of these critical systems lead to failure, it can result in a loss of vehicle control and horrific crashes.

Seeking Compensation Through Manufacturer Liability Laws

Tennessee product liability laws allow accident victims to seek compensation when a defective product causes injury or damage. Where sudden unintended acceleration or other critical system failures are involved, accident victims can pursue legal action against automakers and component part manufacturers.

There are three main legal avenues for holding manufacturers financially accountable:

Strict Liability Claim – With this claim, the victim must show that the product had a design or manufacturing defect that made it unreasonably dangerous. However, they do not need to prove intentional wrongdoing or negligence on the part of the manufacturer.

Negligence Claim – Here the victim must prove that the manufacturer acted carelessly or failed to exercise reasonable care in designing and manufacturing the part or vehicle. This breach of care resulted in the defect and subsequent accident and injuries.

Breach of Warranty Claim – Manufacturers provide express and implied warranties about vehicle safety and dependability. When sudden acceleration or critical system failures occur, it may constitute a breach of these warranties.

Investigating Root Causes with Industry Experts

Successfully proving manufacturer liability relies on comprehensive incident investigation and analysis by specialized experts. They can assess:

  • Which vehicle systems failed
  • The specific component defects
  • Manufacturing flaws
  • Design defects
  • If proper testing was conducted
  • If the automaker violated any safety standards

This engineering-based, scientific root cause analysis is key to demonstrating that the sudden acceleration or critical system failure could have been prevented if not for the manufacturer’s negligence or product defects.

When Manufacturers Don’t Do Enough

Tragically, many consumers have been seriously injured or lost loved ones due to sudden acceleration and vehicle system failures that proper manufacturer testing and care could potentially have prevented.

In the aftermath of these devastating events, families can be left facing overwhelming medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. Appropriate financial compensation can help cover these losses and hold automakers accountable for preventable incidents caused by defective components and flaws in critical safety systems.

Get Legal Help Following Critical Vehicle System Failures

If you or a family member has been impacted by a serious accident caused by sudden unintended acceleration or other vehicle system failure, get legal help right away. An experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney from Monge & Associates can walk you through all your options for seeking fair compensation through manufacturer liability claims or lawsuits. We will handle the complex investigation and build the strongest case possible to get you the maximum recovery.

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