Proper Motorcycle Safety Gear in Missouri: Helmet, Jacket, Pants and Boots

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with risks. That’s why wearing the proper safety gear is absolutely essential for all motorcycle riders in Missouri, whether you are a casual weekend rider or you use your motorcycle to deliver for a service like Uber Eats. Here is an overview of the key motorcycle safety gear that all riders should use, whatever the weather or road conditions. If a collision occurs, an injury attorney in Kansas City, MO may be able to help.


Missouri law requires all motorcycle riders and passengers under the age of 26 to wear a helmet. However, helmets are highly recommended for all riders, regardless of age. A proper motorcycle helmet protects the head and brain in the event of an accident. Make sure to choose a helmet that meets DOT (Department of Transportation) standards. Full-face helmets offer the most protection. Properly fitting the helmet is also critical – it should be snug all around with no gaps. Regularly inspect and replace any helmet that has visible damage.


A motorcycle jacket is designed specifically to protect riders in a crash. Look for a jacket made of abrasion-resistant materials such as leather, cordura or kevlar. Padding and armor provide impact protection for areas like the shoulders, elbows and back. The jacket should cover the arms completely and be snug enough not to flap in the wind. Reflective strips and bright colors make the rider more visible. Mesh jackets work well in warm weather, while insulated jackets with windproof liners are better for colder conditions.


Like jackets, motorcycle pants are constructed with abrasion-resistant fabrics and come equipped with knee and hip pads. They hug the body tightly to prevent flapping. Full-length pants protect the entire leg, while shorter pants at least cover above the ankle. Reinforced material covers common impact points like the seat, knees and hips. Waterproof pants keep the rider dry in wet conditions. Choose pants with adequate ventilation for hot summer riding.


Sturdy over-the-ankle boots protect a motorcyclist’s feet, ankles and lower legs. Look for boots with oil-resistant, non-slip soles and good ankle support. Materials like full-grain leather are abrasion-resistant. Toecaps guard against foot peg impacts while shin guards protect the lower legs. Softer, flexible panels allow for comfort and mobility. Neoprene pouches prevent water from seeping in. Boots designed specifically for motorcycling have these safety features, as opposed to regular fashion boots.

Riding a motorcycle without proper safety gear significantly increases the risk of injury or death in a crash. Following Missouri’s helmet law and wearing additional gear like jackets, pants and boots is the smart way to ride. Invest in quality gear and take the time to ensure it fits properly. Replace items that become too worn. With the right motorcycle safety gear, riders can hit the open roads securely.

Even with the right gear, accidents happen. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in  Missouri, contact the lawyers at Monge & Associates. We have offices in 32 locations across 19 states, including Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska. Call now for a free consultation on (888) 477-0597 to find out what your options are.