My Steering Malfunctioned and Caused an Accident in Florida – What Are My Legal Rights Against the Manufacturer?

You count on your vehicle to be reliable and safe. It makes getting around convenient and you shouldn’t be worried about risks to your safety due to faulty or defective parts and/or malfunctions as you drive around. In most cases, you will arrive at your destination without any issues. The problem is that a vehicle depends on its internal parts and mechanics, and should one of them malfunction, you are at risk of being in an accident.

While many parts can malfunction, one that can lead to serious consequences is issues with the steering. Here we’ll take a look at your legal rights in Florida against the vehicle manufacturer should you find yourself involved in an accident due to your steering malfunctioning. If you need assistance with a Tampa Bay personal injury lawsuit, our lawyers are here to help.

Florida’s Liability Law

The first thing to be aware of is Florida’s liability law. Here in the state of Florida, you can sue a manufacturer for faulty products thanks to the “strict liability” rule. Should a product/part prove to be faulty and has caused you damages and/or injuries, you can sue.

Fault Needs to Be Proven by You

The way the strict liability rule works is that you do have a right to sue, but it’s also up to you to prove the manufacturer is at fault and that it was due to this faulty product/part that you suffered damages and injuries.

What Kind of Information Will Be Needed to Help Prove Liability?

Just because you know the vehicle steering malfunctioned and that’s what caused the accident, it doesn’t mean it will hold up in court. You need evidence and facts to prove your point. That information can be collected from several sources.

Some of the information you’ll need to help build your case against the vehicle manufacturer can include:

  • Police report of the accident
  • Photos and video of the accident scene
  • Photos and video of the damages and your injuries
  • Medical reports that discuss your injuries and the causes
  • Witness statements

Each piece of information that can be gathered will help strengthen your position.

The Best Step You Can Take – Hire a Lawyer

While you may think you’re okay to handle things on your own, the minute you start to deal with insurance companies, you’re bound to feel in over your head. Their goal is to offer the lowest settlement possible, which means you may be undercutting yourself.

We at Monge & Associates are here to help you with your personal injury case. We understand all the legal issues and language, and we can make sure that compensation is fair and reasonable. We also understand what’s needed to prove the car manufacturer was liable for the accident.

Our Monge & Associates offices are located in 32 cities/towns across 19 states including Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. We invite you to visit us in person to discuss your case. You can also call now for a free consultation on (888) 477-0597 if you have been hurt in an accident due to a steering malfunction in your vehicle.