My Brakes Failed and I Crashed! When Mechanical Issues Lead to Accidents in Georgia

Georgia state is ranked fourth for fatal car crashes across the country. This figure shows that despite Georgia being only the 24th biggest state in the country, it has a whopping number of automobile accidents regardless. A small percentage of these incidents are caused by mechanical failures, more often than not involving some kind of brake failure. When brakes fail, car crashes are unavoidable and there will always be victims. The Atlanta car accident lawyers at Monge & Associates are here to shed light on the matter.

Why Brakes Fail

There are lots of reasons why brakes fail. The reasons are sometimes down to poor maintenance and old age, but it can also be because of a manufacturing error. There are some key signs that will tell you if your brakes are about to break, and this is what you should be looking out for.

  • Strange noises like clicking or screeching
  • Vibrations
  • Noticeable burning smell

Any of these signs indicate a problem, and whether it is because you need new parts or your manufacturer has let you down, it needs to be sorted out.

What You Need to Know About Manufacturing Faults

If the brakes are perfectly maintained, well preserved, and replaced as and when it is needed, but they still fail, it is likely to be a manufacturing issue at play. When this is the case, Monge & Associates can help you prove the facts and find justice. Companies that produce both cars and car parts are all across the country, and it is not uncommon to find faulty parts. Often, these are flagged quickly, and the necessary response is a complete recall of all suspected faulty vehicles. It is important to never ignore a recall, because if you do, you may be just as liable if your vehicle causes a crash because of the fault.

Can I Be Held Liable for Brake Failures?

The biggest question to answer here is whether a driver was aware of any prior problems with their brakes before driving. Insurance companies or attorneys may look at vehicle maintenance records including any advisory information regarding the brakes of the vehicle. Your car should be fitted with safety warnings to let you know when your brakes need some attention, and these should never be ignored. Monge & Associates in Georgia have helped hundreds of drivers successfully claim compensation and fight against liability when their brakes have failed. We will look at whether the manufacturer is responsible, and determine culpability where it is there to be found.

Brake failure is a leading cause of crashes in Georgia. It is fairly impossible to avoid a collision once your vehicle malfunctions in this way, and there are a number of unfortunate fatalities each year because of this. You may be able to hold manufacturing companies responsible with the right legal input from our team because if they are at fault, this process will lead to the truth.

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