Is Catching a Lyft Safe in Chicago, Illinois?

Teenage Drivers

With over 60,000 combined Lyft and Uber drivers in Chicago, is it only natural to wonder how safe this kind of service is, exactly. Being a passenger in a commercial vehicle with a complete stranger is a daunting thing, especially for people who are more at risk like seniors or women. Chicago, Illinois is a popular area for tourists, social groups, and work meetings so the Lyft culture is booming. Monge & Associates explores how safe it is in this post.

Lyft Rides: What Are the Main Risks?

The Monge & Associates office here in Chicago, Illinois is one of 32 all across the country including spaces in Kansas, Texas, Washington, Nevada, Georgia, and more. So we have our fair share of experience in this area, and the fact is Lyft rides are not entirely risk-free. The most common concerns have been collated below for your convenience. After a collision, contact a Chicago, Illinois personal injury attorney for additional assistance.


There is always a chance, however slim it may be, that the Lyft driver abuses their client’s trust and assaults them. This could be as severe as rape or murder but also includes any type of sexual assault (highly serious), and things like mugging or verbal harassment too. Anything in this area is an extremely important thing to report so that future passengers may also be protected by the law and the driver can be suspended and removed from the Lyft register.

Reckless Driving

Whether your Lyft driver is speeding, drinking, or using their phone, reckless driving puts your life in danger. The facts speak for themselves. Each year in Chicago, nearly hundreds of passengers lose their lives to careless, perilous driving and the percentage of these which is ascribed to Lyft drivers is climbing higher and higher.

Night-Time Driving

If you catch a Lyft after a night out or late-night meeting at the office, then you have all of the added risks of being a passenger in the dark to factor in as well. Not only will there be more for your Lyft driver to navigate on the road, but you will also be in danger from an increased amount of drunk drivers and decreased visibility.

What Are The Top Tips For Staying Safe In a Lyft Ride?

Having some handy tips close by to keep you safe is important. The following advice can be applied to anyone and it is important to make sure you know what you are doing before you get in the car. Read on to find out more.

Verify the Driver

Every Lyft driver should match what it says on your app. You will have a picture of the driver from the last week or so, in order to verify a completely up-to-date profile. You will also be informed of the vehicle they should be driving. If someone turns up and tries to tell you they are your driver but the details just don’t match, do not get in the car and ring for help as soon as possible.

Wait In a Safe Area

Your Lyft driver will pick you up wherever it is requested. So make sure that, the place is safe and that someone else knows exactly where you are going and when you are due to arrive. This way, there is external accountability and you are not standing around somewhere that will put you in harm’s way.

Play With the App

The Lyft app is designed to make users feel safe. You can update your journey as you ride along, and this means that all of this essential data is fully visible and trackable. There is no way for the driver to delete it so you should be able to stay safe enough if you interact.

Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes, your gut will tell you when a situation is not right. It doesn’t matter if you can’t spot it straight away, humans have a way of keeping themselves out of danger in particular circumstances. So listen to your internal warning bells because they have saved many a life many a time.

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