Fighting for Recall and Reimbursement When Design Flaws Emerge and Car Accidents Happen in Iowa

Has vehicle safety gotten worse in recent years, or is the news being liberal with the facts? Well, it’s a great question and one that you should definitely be asking. If your vehicle is at risk, then you deserve to know about it after all. Recalls and reimbursements are becoming more frequent than ever before in Iowa State, but why is it happening more and more often? Our personal injury attorneys in Des Moines explore this question in more detail below.

Most Common Recall Reasons

What kind of things make it necessary for a motoring company to recall their vehicles? The list is not too long, but it is still worth knowing what you might be at risk of, nevertheless. Sometimes, companies take this action pre-emptively to protect their reputation after a spate of complaints. However, more often than not, recalls are costly and extremely inefficient for business so they will be avoided wherever possible. That’s why, if you are an Iowa resident and you get a letter, you mustn’t ignore it because the problem is likely life-threatening if left unchecked.


If your steering goes wrong, you are vulnerable to a range of different collisions. You might steer into oncoming pedestrians and cause a catastrophic accident which will have significant consequences for both your physical and mental well-being. Your car won’t be able to operate safely without the correct steering function, so it is important to get this sorted right away and not delay. Losing control of your vehicle is never what you would expect when you switch on the engine and set about your business, but manufacturing defects can make it a nightmare reality.


When brakes malfunction, people’s lives are at risk. You are extremely vulnerable in a car when the brake system fails to play its part sufficiently. You won’t be able to bring your vehicle to a halt, which means if you are traveling on the freeway at a significant speed, you could cause a multi-vehicle pileup with devastating consequences. Brakes fail when there is a fluid leak, ABS goes wrong, or the parking system is compromised in some way. Whatever the case, it is extremely dangerous and vehicle companies must make it right.


Airbags are protective components that all vehicles have. They are there to minimize the impact of a collision, should one occur, and have saved many lives since they were first invented. So, if something goes wrong, it could be the difference between a crash with injuries vs. a crash with fatalities. It is often the case that companies fail to properly test airbags before releasing the vehicle to the public, and typical problems include failure to go off, defective inflation, and random deployment.


Faulty wiring in cars is common, and it’s not always life threatening. That doesn’t mean it is safe, however, and when there is a problem of this nature it is vital that you get your car fixed at the earliest possible moment. Every car has wires, and these all dictate how the vehicle operates and what it is capable of doing. Wiring problems may cause cars to set on fire, randomly switch on and crash into things, or even random side-effects like windows going down when they are not supposed to. All of this is inconvenient and hazardous for drivers because they remove control and make a vehicle unsafe to operate.

Fuel Problems

Whether it is a leak, or something wrong with the combustion system, fuel problems are incredibly dangerous. The chance of your vehicle catching fire with you in it is noticeably significant, and when this happens, it is often fatal. If an issue is found with the fuel tank or anything related, then a manufacturer must act fast before it is too late. It could be the case that the fuel tank is built in the wrong place, or not sealed in the correct way. Whatever the case, it needs assessing and fixing quickly so that you can go back to driving safely.

What Can You Do If It Happens to You?

If your vehicle is being recalled, you should always receive an official notice. Every manufacturer has 60 days and no longer to inform its customers of a recall decision. When you get this letter or email notification, take your car to an official garage, and your repair job will be completely paid for by the manufacturer in question. There is no wiggle room here; it is their legal duty to compensate for the repair and ensure all of the faulty parts are both replaced and up to the expected standard moving forward.

Broken Confidence

You may feel as though you can no longer trust the manufacturer after a major recall takes place. For example, if your car is flagged as unsafe because of a fuel tank issue, you could feel as though you have been dicing with death without even realizing you were doing so. It is understandably a harrowing feeling, and we are here to help. If your injuries took place because of a defect, you have a legal case worth pursuing. You should never have to settle and make do when your life has been impacted owing to a company’s neglect.

Why Choose Us

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When design flaws emerge and car accidents happen, Iowa drivers are the real victims. That is why it is without a doubt essential to hold those responsible accountable for their neglectful acts and find justice wherever possible. Don’t feel helpless. Just because you’re the small player in this arena doesn’t mean you can’t win your case.

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