Exploding Batteries and Fiery Crashes: Litigating Against Auto Manufacturers in Ohio

Electric vehicles (EVs) have taken the world by storm, offering an alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars. Many people have made the switch to an EV and more and more take to the roads of Ohio every year. Every new technology comes with a unique and often poorly understood set of risks that many consumers may not be aware of.

One of the most pressing concerns is the safety of the batteries that power these vehicles. While advancements continue to improve battery life and performance, there have been instances of battery-related incidents that continue to raise eyebrows. Any type of vehicle can be involved in a car accident, and EVs can often be involved in fiery crashes fueled by the chemicals and compounds used in Lithium-ion batteries. Fortunately, a Cincinnati car accident lawyer may be able to assist you.

The Heat at the Heart of Electric Cars

Lithium-ion batteries are the powerhouses that offer the ability to cover impressive distances on a single charge, making electric vehicles an attractive option for many people. But, like all technology, they come with their own set of hazards and risks. Their compact nature, which holds vast energy in a confined space, can lead to safety concerns.

Factors like performance and certain charging conditions, or exposure to extreme temperatures can affect their performance, and could even lead to an electrical fire. In the aftermath of an accident, the huge charge held in the batteries, and the damage they may have received in the accident, can lead to an intense electric battery fire that can be difficult for fire trucks to deal with. The fires they cause can also prevent accident victims from exiting the vehicle or can cause further injuries. Some of these injuries can be fatal.

Battling Electric Car Battery Fires

Road accidents involving electric cars are more complicated for firefighters to deal with. Firefighters face a unique set of challenges when addressing these incidents that make them different from accidents and fires involving traditional, gasoline-powered vehicles.

The chemicals and materials inside the batteries can react violently when exposed to water or certain firefighting agents. Firefighters require specialized training and equipment to handle these situations safely, and often cannot fight the fire directly but instead must try to contain it while it burns out on its own.

The intensity of lithium-ion fires can also prevent firefighters from attempting to rescue trapped vehicle occupants, which can lead to excess deaths that could have been prevented if the vehicle involved used gasoline or diesel fuel. As more battery-powered trucks get on the roads of Ohio, larger and more intense fires could become more common in the aftermath of truck accidents as they use larger battery packs that hold even greater levels of electrical charge.

Holding Auto Manufacturers Accountable

When you purchase any product, you are placing trust in the manufacturer that it has been designed and built to be safe to operate. For vehicle purchases, the huge financial decision and the sums involved in buying and leasing only increase the level of trust placed in a manufacturer’s design and production process and the levels of safety that consumers reasonably expect from the product.

When unforeseen issues arise, especially those linked to manufacturing or design oversights, it can break that trust. Experiencing or even hearing about electric vehicle fires can be alarming. If you or someone close to you has been involved in an accident that involved an electric vehicle which resulted in a fire, there are legal paths to justice and compensation.

This can be intimidating for people to face alone, which is why you should always seek legal help and representation when litigating against auto manufacturers in Ohio, or anywhere else in the United States of America. The litigation process can be complex, time-consuming, and stressful for victims of an accident still recovering from the physical and emotional trauma that they have experienced. With the help of our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys at Monge & Associates, you can concentrate on what matters: recovery and recuperation. We will take care of the rest.

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